Pic Of The Day

Phew, we survived! Deadline passes for Mayan apocalypse without raining fire or killer earthquakes
I’m not feelin’ it.

  • Igor

    I passed this along to all my co-workers.  A lot of coffee was snorted on a lot of monitors!

  • PB-in-AL

    Indeed. This morning was about 35F here in the Heart of Dixie. Where’s that global warming?

    The Mayans are already wrong. If we look to the Winter solstice, astronomically occurring 12/21 at 11:12UTC (5:12am CST), we missed the end of the world. One show I was watching said that it was to happen at “midnight on 12/21”; which midnight? If it was Mayan local time’s midnight, which falls mostly in the US Central time zone, we still missed it.

    …. dang …

    Everybody sing: “It’s the end of the end of the world as we know it….”

    Well till the next crackpot tells us the end of the world is coming on….

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