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Why we don’t hear of school shootings in Israel.

h/t Jeff B

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  1. Lazarus Long

    Nice M1 Carbine.  There are still a lot of them in the hands of the Israeli population.  Note the magazine pouch on the stock containing two 15 round magazines.  Enough to cause a lot of second thoughts by an assailant.

  2. Chris

    Here in Brevard County, FL our schools have had “School Resource Officers” on duty at ALL schools as long as I can recall.  All officers (I believe some are from the sheriff’s department and some may be the various local city departments) are all armed.  We have had shootings and weapons arrests since the program went into effect.  I don’t know whether it comes out of the school budgets or the sheriff’s budget.  Does it really matter?  We all live with all sorts of threats.  Some get greater attention than others.  It is just a matter of public will.  I doubt we will ever give up our protection for our children.  We can live without a Tsunami warning system and other protections from events of a remote possibility nature..

  3. IT Nerd

    Betcha kids think twice before getting uppity or disrespectful towards the teacher.


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