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Fanning The FlamesAn offering by a B&R reader….

Fanning The Flames
How Saul Alinsky taught the left to use ridicule, slander and intimidation to silence conservatives and advance its revolutionary agenda

I think we’re all familiar with this topic.

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  1. Koala

    Conservatives need to know the enemy. If one pays attention it is evident that the unhinged left loudly declares their intentions! When Anonymous hackers claimed that they prevented Karl Rove from “stealing” the election did anyone else’s BS alarm go off? I am skeptical about how the last election was won since, for one, the majority of states have elected Republican governors. The left has multiple well funded sites spewing lies daily. I am glad that Bob Parks is here for us and hope that his voice will be heard more and more.

  2. Amberson

    This is a book I’ve been waiting for.  I just started taking a look at it, and it’s exactly what we need to understand how our own language is being used against us.


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