Obamas Invited Gangsta’ Thugs To White House, Yet Want To Take Away OUR Guns

Obama Takes a First Step on Gun Control After Sandy Hook
The president now appears to have an opening (and he probably believes he has the mandate) to unilaterally take certain guns away from lawful gun owners. But given he and his wife have invited the likes of Jay-Z and Common to hang in their (our) crib, is this just another example of them wanting to have it both ways and getting it?

  • Ford_Prefect

    Well, according to the now defunct AWB, my shotgun, is now a rifle, because I added a pistol grip to it.

  • gagblue

    Now I have a machine gun . . . yippee ki-yay

    Correia article makes some good points.

  • Igor


    One small problem.  Ain’t gettin’ my gun until they (whomever is still standing!) pry it from my cold, dead fingers.  A few hundred thousand of me, and ain’t nobody gonna be left to take anything away from anybody.  Attrition.

    Have any of you read Larry Corriea’s take on this?  A long, EXCELLENT read!


    Pass it around.


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