Bob Talks About David Gregory On ARNN

12/26/12 — America’s Radio News Network, “The Drive Home” with Rachel Sutherland
Okay, and leave it to the media to lead me to say something stupid on the air. While they blame the shooting on the rifle, they’re not sure what guns he used to do what except for Lanza killing himself with a pistol….

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  1. Lazarus Long

    This magazine thing (an empty box with a spring inside) is a great example of the intentionally woven complexity of laws that are meant to ensnare us when we stray from our assigned path.  Comrade Beria anyone?

  2. Rich

    During one of the earliest interviews (before the anti-gun plan was put into play by MSM) an Officer stated 2 handguns were found with the dead perp and A RIFLE WAS FOUND IN HIS CAR.

    The sound of the shooting as described by interviewed survivors indicate handgun.

    The wounds described by the coroner indicate handgun ammo.

  3. Tallyman

    What is truth? Will the government lie? Are the police part of the government? Are reports in media to be believed? What is truth from police reports Do the government and its police lie for the their greater good?
    A man has killed his mother-in-law. Was it because he had a knife? Was it because a man sold him the knife? Was it because it was raining for three days? Was it the pitch of his mother-in-law’s voice? Was it because his mother beat him? Was it his wife’s nagging? Was it the hags nagging? Was it the failure of his teachers to teach morality? Was the hammer to blame for the Webster NY madman who killed his 92 yr old grandmother? Was it the rifle in CT? Was it because his mother had her own bar stool at the local bar?


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