UPDATE: Is David Gregory Above The Gun Laws?

Cops told NBC not to use gun clip
David Gregory will not host this Sunday’s ‘Meet The Press’
Will he have his passport on him when he goes on “vacation”…?

Will David Gregory be prosecuted?

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4 Responses

  1. The Machine

    Now, you KNOW about the priveledge-class that exists in any totalitarian state…

  2. Igor

    He’s a Liberal, he’ll be untouched.  Especially since he has been carrying water for “Teh Won”™.

  3. Tallyman

    Prosecutions in the USA are at the discretion of the prosecutor.   We are not a nation of laws but of men. Our federal laws are discretely enforced by Eric Holder to achieve his desired good and the glory of his master Barack.     Does a devil cast out devils?    Only to fool the sheeple and advance a greater evil.   .We have no laws, only the whims and prejudices of nine judges and the discretions and fiats of our ruler..


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