Kwanzaa Suckas Rejoice In Unison

Kwanzaa 2012: 7-Day Festival Kicks off Dec.26
Local Kwanzaa Events Celebrate ‘First Fruits’
Family is at the heart of Kwanzaa
Parade to Mark Start of Kwanza in South L.A.
Kwanzaa: violent 60s radical invented fake holiday

The left continues to make black people look and sound stupid; black people and liberal dupes go right along with it.

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  1. Jeff

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  2. Koala

    So kwanza was invented by a misogynistic criminal! Why are school kids taught that it is a tradditional African harvest festival? I love the quote, “People think it’s African, but it’s not,” admitted Karenga in a 1978 Washington Postinterview. “I put it around Christmas because I knew that’s when a lot of ‘bloods’ [Blacks] would be partying.”

    • n.n

      So, it’s the holiday of black supremacists.

      Perhaps some people believe that all Africans, black or otherwise, are of the same nation, tribe, and religion. They think that all Africans can be classified as one people, of one race, based solely on the color of their skin. It would require an individual of extraordinary prejudice to believe this. It would require an individual of extraordinary prejudice to deny history and reality. It would require an individual with an extraordinary lack of integrity to exploit and divide people with manufactured divisions.

  3. The Machine

    The man thought it up while serving time in prison.

    If you don’t know the crime he was serving time for, you really need to look that up…

  4. Igor

    Yep, n.n, dysfunctional is the word.  It used to be bird bird bird, but no longer.  Seasons change, and so do I.

    Kwanzaa, thought up by a UCLA “professor” in the 70’s.  Set after Christmas, of course.  Next thing you know,  Gubmint Employees will want the day off – you just watch!

  5. n.n

    It’s a Festivus miracle!

    What is especially odd, is that most black Americans are Christian. This is not black vs white, but atheist vs Christian. They are stuffing December to dilute its value to Christians. This is about diversity for the sake of manufacturing exploitable differentials and gradients to advance their political, economic, and social standing.

    And now for the hearing of grievances. I will start.

    This tactic is similar to when people proclaim and dismiss the celebration of Christmas citing overt commercialization. It’s not as if the meaning any individual ascribes to this event is determined by anything other than their own perception and interpretation. The protests have either a shallow or malicious character.

    That said, Bob, I thought you were planning to take time off. How quickly time passes when you are having fun.

    Well, back to work, but be sure to take New Year’s off. The nonsense will still be there when you return. It always has been and there is no indication that it will ever be otherwise.

    It’s a dysfunctional, dysfunctional, dysfunctional, dysfunctional, dysfunctional, dysfunctional world!

    While dysfunction may be congenital, it is always a progressive condition.

    All right, who’s next.


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