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‘Christmas sucks’: Dozens of ‘spoiled brats’ take to Twitter to complain about getting presents they never wanted
People Who Had the Worst Christmas Ever
Maybe framed hard copies of these Tweets will make a great present next year!

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  1. Fletchman

    These little ‘materialist gimmie’s’ mock people of faith like myself because I know what Christmas truly means. Let’s see. What present do I want? I want my son who passed away back! This I can not have. I can not hold him in this world anymore. However, ‘because a child is born to us, a son is given to us Isaiah 9:6,’ one day we will reunited. Christ is Christmas. Free, everlasting and the most precious gift one can receive. Won’t rot, fade away, or become obsolete.

    • n.n

      There is a precedent for offering gifts at Christmas. The wise men brought gifts to honor Christ’s birth. Perhaps a reasonable exchange is merited, if only to recognize and affirm relationships.

  2. n.n

    They lack reason and are unreasonable.

    It is dissociation of risk which causes corruption. It is dreams of instant gratification which motivates its progress.

  3. Cameron

    Nope. Not going to follow the links. I made that mistake last year when a similar thing happened. I’m just going to thank God that I didn’t grow up like that, enjoy my life and make another donation to the Salvation Army to help people with real problems.

  4. Mommy RN

    Same here… I had a safe drive home through the mountains after my Christmas Eve night shift and had a wonderful day at home with my husband and children. It was so nice to see that their favorite presents were the double fleece blankets I made them. Even nicer to see the gifts they got/made for each other… especially when my 3 year old opened a package to find the bunny that was originally given to his 14 year old brother as a toddler. “Jon gave me his bunny!” and huge hugs from little brother to big brother.

    I probably spent less on all 9 of us than the cost of one of those iPhones or iPads…. but two days of playing games together and watching old movies and reading stories together will be far more memorable.

  5. Igor

    Well, MY Christmas was fantastic.  I have my family, my health, still have my wits (although, at 60, I keep forgetting where I put ’em…), and I live in America.

    To ask for more would be pushing my luck.  God has a really sharp sense of humor, y’know.  Just ask Job. 🙂

    • Igor

      We have it so good here in America it’s not (bleeping) funny.

  6. Tallyman

    They have and you have not. Pray to your Barack. Ask Barack’s vengeance against those producers who failed to provide your craved needs. Never ask, why has my Barack’s Provence failed?


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