Could Obama Gun Overreach Cost Dems in 2014?

He won and while Republicans maintained the House, President Obama believes he has a mandate to do whatever he wants. If he does push hard on gun restrictions, is he essentially setting up any Democrat who votes for it in 2014?

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  1. Chris

    Health care will be the big issue.  Cost and mandate.  Lots of small and medium employers will cancel their plans because the coverage mandates cause their rates to skyrocket.

    The HHS pricing structure will control costs by implementing price controls that will make many drugs and devices (think knee and hip hardware) unprofitable for certain manufacturers.

    Yes, Mr/Ms taxpayer, you are covered for that procedure.  Unfortunately, nobody makes that device any more.

  2. Fletchman

    They own the election offices, they own the voting machines, they own the tally rooms! What makes you think 2014 will be any different than 2012? Over 100 percent turnouts and not a word about corruption should prove this. But then again America’s problem is not political, it’s spiritual. It’s about time for some judgment.

  3. Koala

    The first phase will not be that noticable except that it will be harder for the poor to purchase arms. It will not affect 2014 elections because decisions will be dragged out beyond the elections.

    • n.n

      Mitigating circumstances.

      That is why we have 10-20 million illegal aliens; shifted environmental and labor disruptions to China, etc.; private and public unions; minimum wage; human and civil rights businesses; and redistributive change. In short, progressive corruption, poverty, and servitude.

      That is also why we have periodic gun control “debates” in order to appeal to individual phobias and egos. Not unlike the manufactured and nurtured phobia of nuclear processes and technology. It is all about creating exploitable leverage to advance political, economic, and social standing for a minority interest.

      It is also why some people feign concern for the lives of a few dozen people, men, women, and children, while supporting and defending the premeditated murder by scalpel and vacuum of nearly a million more annually.

      Men, and women, like mitigating circumstances. They like to believe that if they follow the rainbow, they will discover a pot of gold. Whereas reality dictates they will instead discover progressive and conclusive corruption.

  4. Tallyman

    All those voting gun owners who believed their vote for Romney would have been a vote for Tweedledee instead of Tweedledum may wake up.

    • Igor

      We have to clean up that miserable excuse for Congress first.  Then we move on to The Peoples House and toss out the garbage.

  5. Iron Mike

    Come the start of the 2014 election cycle Bob,  voters will have just been doing their 2013 income tax forms – and realizing how much more they have to pay thanks to these SpendoCrats.

    The gun issue will add to the tax issue and all those fat cats who got fatter thanks to Obama’s ‘Green Loans and Bailouts’….

    Some folks will start to wise up, – others will just be looking for more free stuff.


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