New Year’s Resolution For Online Readers

I have my faults and I’m the first to admit them, but going online for the simplest of activities have become a chore because people can get, how’s the best way to put this… enthusiastic.

With that, I’ve compiled a couple things for online readers to consider as my father once said, “Everything you do affects someone else.”

I post links to stories I find here on Black & Right. I also share links on Facebook as well. I do this to give people a choice as to whether they wish to hear my opinions or not. I don’t assume you want them and for that reason people never get multi-forwarded emails from me with stuff you’ve just gotta see.

Most of those things re-sent are days or more old but the email title is usually something like “You gotta see this!”. I don’t know how many of these I receive on a daily basis but their contents are rarely something that hasn’t been shared with this audience earlier. Pictures, stupid songs, old poems, anything that can be forwarded to many, are.

It’s a big Internet. I never assume I’m breaking news or am in possession of something everyone in my contact list just has to see.

Also on Facebook, I mind my own business and post what I wish to share. I don’t remember going to anyone else’s page and requesting they “Like” mine. People have the choice to subscribe to me and whenever I post something, they’re notified. Personally, I find that great as they have made the choice and it’s thus not intrusive.

I have never gone to someone else’s Facebook page and posted something on it and it’s really annoying to have people post their stuff on mine. Maybe that’s the purpose of Facebook, but when you’ve posted links to a story on national security or government matters and someone posts a stupid song he or she thought you’d like, it kinda kills the mood.

So, maybe I’m slightly hungover and grumpy. I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time but when it happens you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. Then again if they don’t consider yours, what’s left to do?

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  1. n.n

    The principle of reciprocity, otherwise known as the “golden rule”.  Your father was a wise man, Bob.

    As for the push/pull phenomenon, the pushers were never welcome, not really.

    Happy New Year!  And for the traditional non-traditionalists: Happy New Calendar Year!

  2. Tallyman

    Is there joy in grumpiness as you age? Yes and they hold the door for you and carry your things to the car, too. Haven’t been to my Facebook page in over a year. Against them, even the gods wail in vain ~ Goethe paraphrased

  3. Igor

    Look, I don’t have any problem with you not re-posting ANYthing I send to you, Bob.  I’m usually behind the curve, but try not to swamp you with “have you seen THIS?!?!” e-mail.  I send you stuff if I think you may not perhaps possibly have seen before.  I envy/pity you with all the volume and attention you get, but this is YOUR blog and what you say is important to you and you are willing to take the time and effort (and money!) to keep us informed.  IOW, I try to keep the “noise” to a minimum.  I try to stay on topic, and if it’s “something completely different” (off-topic) I’ll e-mail ya.  Fellow readers, bloggers, I suggest y’all do likewise.  Be kind to Bob and Crew, please.

    Wee fish Ewe a Mare Egrets Moose,
    Panda Hippo Gnu Deer!
  4. Koala

    Well, I resolve not to post any stupid songs, Bob. Still love ya when you’re grumpy.


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