The B&R Wednesday Skim

Republican House leader John Boehner told Senate’s top Democrat to ‘Go fuck yourself’ outside Oval Office
Fiscal Cliff Deal: $1 in Spending Cuts for Every $41 in Tax Increases
We’re the ones who got fucked here

Renditions continue under Obama, despite due-process concerns
Again imagine the liberal screech if Bush was STILL doing this, but because The One is doing it… move on!
Des Moines Register publishes gun-ban column advocating deadly violence against NRA, GOP leaders
Threatening armed citizens; that’s smart…
White House: We Want ‘Even More Revenue From The Wealthiest’
Like I’ve always said, “Give him an inch and he thinks he’s a ruler”
Eric Cantor Makes First Move to Unseat Boehner in ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Kabuki Theater
Good. Then again who could we trust as a successor?
Ray Lewis to retire after season
Don’t care for him much as an opponent but would love to have had him on my team
Obama begins second term facing pessimistic public: Poll
A little fucking late
Federal judge halts Obama birth-control policy for Domino’s Pizza founder
The mandate is falling like dominoes
Seattle radio 770 KTTH drops Glenn Beck
We ARE talking Seatlle…
Now You Know Who the RINOS Are
The Tea Party has probably already taken note
New California regs forcing trucks off the road
Why are businesses (and the revenue they generate) leaving California again?
Peter King calls for donation cut-off to fellow Republicans over stalled Sandy aid bill
Oh, and why did it take so long for the politicians to get this, Peter? Oh yeah, you were all campaigning to keep YOUR jobs. Priorities
Intel Is Reportedly Going To Destroy The Cable Model By Offering People The Ability To Subscribe To Individual Channels
Will be on ARNN at 3:30pm EST to discuss
Voting Drives In State Hospitals Will Continue
Making moron-voting the new normal

I’m sure your gun-hating liberal will love this…!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Your Personal Cocoon
Given the classical music bed in the embedded video, this is clearly aimed at the hoity-toity, NPR-listener type who wants to be one with the environment… to a point
Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin double down debasing CNN brand two nights straight
Since when do liberals apologize for debasing willingly?
Court: Hutterites Must Pay Workers´ Compensation
When a court says something isn’t an intrusion, monetary confiscation is an issue
The Journal News is Armed and Dangerous
It took their editor a revelation that people actually disagreed (“perceived threats”) with her
Bosses: Don’t blame us for smaller checks
Point to an Obama voter
Hundreds of cars torched in French New Year ‘tradition’
Aren’t we told Europeans are more refined than us…?
Google and the £6billion Bermuda tax shelter: Web giant’s haven revealed as Cameron urges global crackdown
Stilling waiting for one of those annoying MoveOn emails bitching about the evil rich Schmidt and Google (Oh wait, Eric Schmidt is an Obama supporter. Move on…)
BBC refuses to reveal emails that could show whether it gave staff chance to avoid tax
Liberals are hypocrites everywhere
Two systems of justice
David Gregory still not off the hook and could set precedent
Let me out! Ann Curry begs NBC to release her from contract so she can take over Anderson Cooper’s 8pm slot on CNN
Yeah, and we’re all dying to watch…
Sources: Enough Republicans Willing to Unseat Speaker Boehner
We’ll see. The Jets kept Rex Ryan so unaccountability is still possible
Yemen’s al-Qaeda Offer Bounty for U.S. Ambassador or Troops
It must be comforting knowing the State Department is on top of this
Cleric Issues Fatwa Allowing Gang Rape of Syrian Women
Awaiting Code Pink and NOW arrival in Syria to protest
Matt Drudge: ’3,500 will be killed by abortion today; no media hyperventilating, no presidents crying’
Obscenities invade C-SPAN website during fiscal cliff coverage
Liberals keeping it classy
‘No ma’am’: Letter from U.S. Marine to Dianne Feinstein goes viral
A Jarhead’s way of saying “go fuck yourself”
Children of Privilege Busted in Occupy Bomb Scheme
Never trust a rich punk named “Morgan”
Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!
Stuck-in-yo-head of the day
Obama’s Tax Evaders of the Year
More do as we say…
2 killed in knife attack at a school in Egypt
Knives, not guns. Where’s the outrage?
Questioning Hillary Clinton’s concussion, and other outrages
Like we have no reason to question the integrity of a Clinton… ever Exclusive: Two Months After Sandy, Victims Still Stranded By ‘Red Tape’
Our MRCTV video getting even more traction
MontCo school suspends 6-year-old for pretend gunshot
Free speech, yo
House votes to freeze congressional, federal worker pay
I’ll remember that the next time I get cut off and/or cussed at by a driver in a fancy car with a government sticker on it
Obama wink The wink that says Aloha! Jubilant Obama celebrates Congress passing fiscal cliff deal after GOP ‘surrender’… by jetting off to Hawaiian vacation (that will cost taxpayers $3million)
Obama takes credit for Biden’s fiscal cliff deal
This is going to be an awfully long four years
2013: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times
Obama has the adoration of the media, but the media also has a proud tradition of tearing down what they built up and they’ve really built him up
Krauthammer: Senate fiscal cliff legislation ‘a complete surrender on everything’
Dems fear Scott may run for gov
Is this about Massachusetts or Scott Brown?
Exit of EPA boss a protest
Hissy fit with benefits: Jackson knows she’ll get hooked up with a really nice job somewhere
Obama’s wrong: This ‘cliff’ deal still raises taxes on the middle class
Like he gives a shit
Disaster Movie
The movie that started it all
House pulls plug on Sandy aid bill
New York area lawmakers lash House GOP leaders for inaction on Superstorm Sandy relief bill
Yes, but how much pork was still in it?
‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Also Doles Out Millions for Hollywood
You really think they did all that during the campaign for free?
The Journal News is Armed and Dangerous
That can of worms got bigger
Michael Moore’s New Year’s Resolution: “Stop Saying, ‘I Support the Troops.’ I Don´t”
At least he’s honest
An F for effort on holding down tuition
Blame greedy colleges with fat administrators and lazy, tenured professors
View From the Left: Obama ‘Kept Giving Stuff Away’
So now giving stuff away is a problem?
Cops: City ends 2012 with 506 homicides, more than 16 percent increase over 2011
But these are mostly black deaths thus no media cry for gun control

I’ll update the skim as the day progresses and news activity warrants. Check back in at your convenience

4 Responses

  1. Igor

    Wow, Happy frickin’ New Year.  Same as the Old Year, only worse.  I could spend HOURS commenting on all the stuff, Bob, but I only have an hour for lunch and grazing over the keyboard fills it up with dropped food particles.

    Can you say that the road to Hell is paved with “good Intentions”,  boys and girls?  I knew you could………….

  2. n.n

    In America alone, scalpel and vacuum violence claims the lives of nearly one million children every year.

    Clinton is experiencing the consequences of stress induced physiological aberrations caused by the Commander in Chief escaping responsibility for his station.

    Politicians and government workers should not be compensated for the inflation (i.e. devaluation of capital and labor) they cause and support.

  3. Cameron

    I think I’ve settled well and truly into the “let it burn” camp. I am now looking out for myself, my family and little else. Should bad times happen to me, I plan to have as much saved up as possible. I’ve lived in poverty and can survive it again if I have to.

    And as for Michael Moore, he never supported the troops in the first place. Had he been honest about that from the start, I’d have a shred of respect for him.


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