Bonehead Of The Day

Jersey Shore marina owner says President broke his promise to help her rebuild
Believe me, I can understand the need for optimism at such a devastating time, but Obama got his pre-election photo op and all she got was this lousy… whoops, Donna Vanzant didn’t get anything.

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    • n.n

      Yes, it was definitely an effective moment to process extortion through appeal to emotion.

  1. Tallyman

    Praise Barack, but next time buy flood insurance. The flood insurance is government subsidized. Donna got her desired hug from her preening messiah, who was full of promise and empty of Provence..

  2. Igor

    The Great Unwashed Masses are about to have reality come and sit on ’em.  Hard.

    Let the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth commence.

  3. Uncle Rick

    She’s a small business owner. What did she think she could realistically expect from any Democrat, let alone this one?


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