CNN ‘White Left Winger’ Banfield Defends Kwanzaa

Do you think CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield took offense to the “white left winger” label and used her television platform as an excuse to attack Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman who makes legitimate points about Kwanzaa?

The “ancient roots” of Kwanzaa, Ashley? Puh-leez.

5 Responses

  1. GoodMojo

    What was it again, that the Senator said that was untrue?  White left-wingers…  Can’t live with them, can’t flush them away.

  2. Tallyman

    Poor Dumba Ashley needed to use Bush as her source, while Dumbo Roland used Dumbo Biden’s laughter as an intellectual argument. Who in Africa or all around the World celebrates Kwanzaa? Full of emotional sound and fury and signifying no intelligence. A fruit holiday for White fruits and nuts.

  3. The Machine

    Well, incarcerated violent criminals thinkin’ up shit does date back to antiquity, no?

  4. Igor

    I don’t give a rats ass if Ashleigh’s feelings are hurt.  Get over it, ya liberal witch with a capital B…

  5. Uncle Rick

    “Left-winger” clearly put a burr under Ashley’s saddle. I wanted to hear why Sen. Grothman originally declined the interview with Roland; he indicated that Ashley had distorted his reason, which she seemed eager to prevent us from hearing.

    Karenga’s background is a legitimate subject and very pertinent to this discussion. Is it likely that a violent separatist would create a holiday full of love, harmony and unity? That apparently makes perfect sens to Banfield.


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