On Second Thought, I WILL Enjoy The Next Four Years

Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases
If we have to endure another four years of Obama, I’d much rather spend them laughing at his supporters, whining about him doing that which they got in our faces insisting he wouldn’t.

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  1. Ilion

    It’s one thing for me — I didn’t vote for any Dem — to be pissed that I now have at least $100 less per month to work with.

    It’s hillarious hypocrisy for those fools who voted for Dems to be whining about the hit to *their* pocketbooks.  “But, but, but! That was supposed to happen to the other guy, not to me!

    Silly children, to the taxman, we’re *all* “the other guy” — unless, of course, you’re a mover-and-shaker in the Democratic Party; then whether or not you pay your assessed taxes never really seems to matter.

  2. KevinSGtr

    My daughter, who is 27 and did not vote for BHO, was almost hysterical friday upon receiving her paycheck. BHO has docked her and her hubby, young people starting out, about $250 per month. Their margin of comfort has disappeared.

    Meanwhile my son (24) who moved to Seattle last year (to start out his adult career) has had ALL of his margin confiscated. He says he is now unable to save and life has now gotten harder. He did not vote for BHO either.

    The problem lies with my kids’ peers. No knowledge of the actual history of the USA, minds emptied and filled with Hollywood mush and moral relativism, convinced there is no safety net for the “real” poor, obsessed with gay rights, and totally unaware BHOs oppression is pointed directly at them. My daughter asks me what she can do. I tell her to deepen her education and knowledge of economics and history and talk to her peers. This war will be won or lost with the young.

  3. Igor

    Well, the “I told you so!!” will be fun, but it’s gonna get expensive.

    I would’ve preferred that Obambi been given his walking papers instead.  Life’s full of disappointments, I guess.

    • Koala

      Igor, it is still possible that he will get his walking papers.

  4. n.n

    Think of the children! Tax the rich? I wonder just how much they care.

    While I will not necessarily enjoy the next four years, I do have hope that with both regressive and progressive taxation, there is a chance of controlling progressive corruption.

    Now if we could just ban scalpels and vacuums, my faith in men and women will be restored.

  5. Koala

    They wanted taxes to be raised!?  Just wait untill the utility bills go up!

  6. Tallyman

    The Schadenfreude joy of comeuppance:  Great expectations dashed.  Their messiah lied.  They’ll pay the full price for his snake oil.   Their Great Black Hope is a fraud.   How can they maintain their faith?   Which way to emote?.  They’ve become the objects d’ridicule in their own perception.

  7. RightSide

    I’m with you, Bob! And it’s just starting. Wait until the bi-monthly and monthly checks start arriving. The whining has just begun. Then there will be the health care layoffs and hours being cut, making full time employees part-time. It will be something to watch.


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