Youth Believe They’re Special (And They’re Far From It)

Entitled youthLike we didn’t already know this but those young people who call you “dumbass” because they disagree with your viewpoints and are never wrong, genuinely believe they’re special.

Study shows college students think they’re more special than ever … even those that can’t read or write and barely study
If you asked a college freshman today who the Greatest Generation is, they might respond by pointing in a mirror. Researchers also found a disconnect between the student’s opinions of themselves and actual ability.


We can thank the parents who were told to be friends with their kids and obeyed, as well as liberals in academia and entertainment who’ve turned them into narcissistic punks who think they know everything including who to vote for (once told who to vote for).

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  1. The Machine

    These are the grandchildren of children ruined by the Dr. Spock crapola.

  2. Igor

    The “ME Generation” has morphed (somewhat) into the “ONLY ME Generation.”..

    n.n, the question is really moot – premeditated, incidental, doesn’t matter, only the results are what we have to deal with.  Granted, knowing if it was premeditated determines our plan/method of attack, but not much else.

    Tallyman, I hate to say it, but these grandchildren of the Baby Boomers are so IGNORANT that they will probably not be able to determine cause-and-effect and therefore “curse God and die”.  Yes, it’s THAT bad!

    • n.n

      It is not moot at all.  Treating symptoms is profitable in perpetuity.  However, addressing causes provides an opportunity to control their expression and subsequent consequences.

      For somethings we are limited to reactive measures.  For others we are able to be proactive.  Whether it was premeditated or an outcome of the civilization paradox, the causes of dysfunctional behavior are known and their expression can be mitigated.  However, if the former, then it was a crime against society, and the perpetrators should be held accountable, if perhaps only marginalized.

  3. Tallyman

    They are the grandchildren of the boomers, who “first” discovered sex, drugs, and self aggrandizement. These grandchildren all have their multiple “one of the best” certificates and trophies. They’ll soon be able to curse their grandparents, when the consequences of the prodigal government spending become their diminished lives. Their parents and grand parents fed at the Keynesian trough, while they will grovel in the future for the scraps remaining. They can then curse their grandparents and their own Keynesian delusions about government Provence, resulting from the consequences of .their foolish ideological choices. They will decide the justice for Barack, Bernanke et al..

    In Regard the link below:      (Definitions: Fiat money is whatever a government by decree says is money; contrasted with commodity money which could be gold, silver, tobacco leaves, wampum, etc..       Collective corruption: Barack’s solar energy, Fast and furious, Eric Holder, Corzine stealing or large banks laundering money with no criminal prosecutions)

  4. n.n

    A predictable outcome of self-esteem without merit is self-delusion. The problems we are experiencing today are largely manufactured. The only remaining question is if they were also premeditated or incidental to the development of civilization.


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