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At one point several weeks ago, the president said to me, ‘We don’t have a spending problem’.
House Speaker John Boehner

It’s clear why nothing’s getting done.

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  1. GoodMojo

    Why negotiate with any leftist.  Leftist don’t follow rules, and they don’t honor deals.  Recognize, proceed accordingly!

  2. RockThisTown

    Spot on, Tallyman. Obama is definitely in denial about spending, but Congress is doing squat about it. Spending to Obama & Congress is like heroin to the addict – they will keep doing it without regard to anything else until 1. We stop them, 2. It kills them, or 3. It kills us.

    Progressives like Obama must be stopped at every turn, at every increment, at their every move. Bill Whittle says that we must constantly mow the lawn, as it starts growing again the minute the lawnmower is put away. Progressives are the same way – and we must not let them have one inch, lest they will try to take another inch, then another, then another, until we look around and ask, “Where did our freedom go?” We have already given up many freedoms on mercury thermometers (the most accurate kind), light bulbs, toilets, showerheads, automobile fuel, firearms, smoking, seat belts, health care, you name it. Nanny-state progressives won’t be happy until we’re sitting around freezing in a green-energy home, eating veggie pellets & watching Al Jazeera TV.

    • Igor

      We will only be able to watch Al-Jizya T.V. when the solar panels on the roof are working…

  3. Tallyman

    Barack is not a mastermind. He is an affirmative action educated simpleton.    He can’t think or speak without a teleprompter because his ideas are confused mishmash of Marxist and Progressive slogans.  His high school years and later were a drug party, during which no intellectual thought or learning occurred.    What his teleprompter says is not his thinking, but the thinking of his handlers.    He must be made to prove the credentials for leadership claimed by his handlers.    Produce the school records to prove your credentials before any thing you say is respected.    Would you argue or negotiate with a trained parrot?     Barack is trained parrot squawking slogans repeated endlessly in his earlier training phase.    What is the squawking parrot hiding in his school records?    .

  4. Palmetto

    Obama could definitely benefit from a 12-step program.  If it’s not an outright lie, it’s nothing but denial.


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