The B&R Monday Skim

Democrats look for up to $1 trillion in new tax revenues this year
Nancy Pelosi urges Obama to sidestep Congress, use 14th Amendment to raise debt ceiling
We’re not going to get much more dictatorial than this, while I can only imagine the whining had Bush even toyed with the idea of sidestepping her Congress…

Good point
Another NLRB Power Grab
Inconvenient Truths About Al Jazeera
The Wall Street Journal was on a roll yesterday
Silly Twin Peaks Rumours Compel NBC’s President To Start The Ball Rolling, For Real
Remakes and reboots have a mixed record as of late
Hillary back to work on Monday, the State Department says
I know we’re not supposed to entertain any conspiracy theories but when it comes to a blood clot near the brain, Hillary sure heals fast
How Fossil Fuels Have Greened the Planet
Biofuels cause pollution, not as green as thought – study
It all depends on who was doing the thinking
Police union cards used to get cop relatives out of minor jams are selling on eBay causing fury among city officials
They’re “fuming” because they can’t use those (no longer a well-kept secret) cards anymore
Got milk? Breast pump industry booming thanks to Obamacare as new moms take advantage of new laws
Buying off young mothers for 2014
High wage earners will see triple tax hit in 2013
Government: Gimme, gimme, gimme… or else
White House eyes gun violence package
Anyone really believe he’ll only go after what he says now?
$90,000 stuffed into pants during video re-enactment in Kilpatrick trial on Friday
I’m sure there’s a logical Democratic explanation
Grinding America Down (full movie) Free to watch on Vimeo for a limited time
Yet another documentary… 🙁
Parents ‘Should Carry Babies Upright’
Why is “America’s best-known geographer” messing with parents’ heads?
Illinois lawmakers abandon attempts to ban assault weapons
I’d be willing to bet the vast amount of the 2,670 shootings in Chicago alone weren’t by assault weapons
Renowned French economist to join Obama’s team
Oooh, la la! Like the French economy is one to be emulated
Where Cheaters Live: S.F.’s 10 Most Adulterous Neighborhoods
True blue city
Police: Teen arrested at airport claims to be Ron Paul’s grandson
There was probably at least one “Do you know who my grandpa is?”

5 Responses

  1. wlh76

    ‘Wretched man I am’ misses the point.

    The political elite do not want to find 15 million illegals because most come from socialistic countries, do not understand individual rights and freedom, and serve their purpose. If given the chance they will want to find 300 million guns because they fear an armed populace. History has proven totalitarian governments can not exist were the common people are willing and able to oppose them, think of Nazi Germany.

    The problem is selective enforcement of the laws of the land and they will dutifully confiscate our weapons without discretion or concern for our safety.

    Unfortunately there is no easy solution. The democrats and republicans are all in this together. The only difference is the democrats want to take away our freedoms now and the republicans are willing to do it more slowly. Either way they are both leading us away from the rights guaranteed by the laws of our land.

    • Igor

      I’ve been harping on this crap for years – did the idiot lefties (sorry for repeating myself) ever bother to tak into account all the steps to GET to the “plant a tree” stage?

      For a really good example:  The CFL uses pennies a day of electricity to operate, right?  How did it get manufactured?  You’d be shocked to learn that the total energy difference between manufacturing a standard incandescent light bulb and a CFL is about 20-to-one.  That’s right, the CFL takes FAR more energy and FAR more resources to manufacture than a good old “inefficient” light bulb that has served us well for the past hundred-plus years!  Plus, when you break a standard bulb you don’t have to call in a HazMat team!

      Christmas LED lights are another story, although I think they are well worth the cost because you can literally light up your whole yard for less than 100 watts of energy…

  2. Cameron

    Nancy Pelosi urges Obama to sidestep Congress, use 14th Amendment to raise debt ceiling.

    *ahem* Section Five of that Amendment indicates that Congress, not the President, has the authority on this. They’re so cute when they think they are knowledgeable.

    Parents ‘Should Carry Babies Upright’

    You mean holding them upside down by their ankles is a bad thing? Oh dear…

    Renowned French economist to join Obama’s team

    Given the high amount of taxes the French are now enjoying, it’s no wonder Obama would want to hire someone like this.


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