The B&R Tuesday Skim

Crowd Cheers After Chicago Teachers Union Pres. Jokes About Killing the Rich
Uh, who’ll pay your salary, bitch?

Obama EPA Regulations Kill 15 Power Plants, 480 Jobs In Georgia
Wasn’t that kinda the original intention?
Michael Eric Dyson: GOP Congress ‘Completely Committed’ To ‘Poetic Allure Of Negrophobia’
We’ve gone from hyphen to phobia. Movin’ on up!
NC Residents Urge Local Officials to Say NO to Obamacare
Where were all these people on election day?
Current TV Staffers Reportedly Angry That ‘Bullshitter’ Al Gore Sold Out To ‘Big Oil’
Then quit, suckas
Al Roker Didn’t Think ‘Pooping Pants At White House’ Story Would Be ‘Such A Big Deal’
Duh! What would you expect if you announced it on national television?
Shocking photos of closed Michigan abortion clinic show ‘disgusting’ conditions
Planned Parenthood received $542.4 million in government grants and reimbursements from 2011 to 2012
Women’s health care…
Nancy Pelosi coins a new term for gun control
Wow, “gun violence prevention”! Nancy is such the deep thinker
How home schooling threatens monopoly education
My best interns were home schooled
Morsi: I want the US to free the Blind Sheikh
How long before Obama asks, “How high?”
muslimbrotherhoodObamaEgyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration
It’s official
Obama Appoints French Economist Funded by Saudi Billionaire to Shape US Global Development Policy
Quite the models to emulate
Gérard Depardieu May Have Ruined François Hollande’s Presidency
I haven’t seen him in anything since “Cyrano” but I may have to play catch-up
Our Cars’ Weight Problem: How government is making our cars lighter, and more dangerous
Any fool sees this
Meet the ‘Bullies’: Breitbart Editor Exposes Obama’s Army of Thugs in New Book
Did it really take a book seeing how his audience pays attention?
Brent Musburger Is A Bit Too Infatuated With A.J. McCarron’s Girlfriend, Katherine Webb
She IS hot. Should we deny we have eyes…?
Map of Texas Gun Owners Published
Funny, now awaiting the map of Obama voters to be released so we can have some real finger-pointing
Has Rapper Eminem Really Become a Born-Again Christian?
The real question is why?
Obama Admin. Pushes to Restrict 2nd Amendment after Arming Mexican Cartels
There is a sense of irony here
Texas Legislature to Wrestle Over What to Do with Unexpected Budget Surplus
A rebate to the taxpayers is out of the question?
Current situation: Staffers talk about first meeting with Al Jazeera
Believe me, I know how awkward this must have been
A month after falling ill, Clinton returns to work
Pretty speeding recovery, considering…
Dem lawmakers say courts should resolve debt-limit standoff
Let someone else do the work they’re well paid to do
Democrat Hurricanes Versus Republican Hurricanes
Once again, imagine the noise had Bush been in charge during Sandy…
GOP may use debt ceiling to force Harry Reid to pass budget
A Reid senate passing a budget may have to be declared a national holiday
Outrage as Obama’s inauguration ball tickets are all snapped up before they were even due on sale
Have you noticed that “ordinary” Obama supporters consistently get screwed over?
20 Ways America Has Begun to Reap What It Has Sown
This is a sad read because it is SO true
Piers Morgan Shouted Down By Gun Nut In Fiery Interview Over US Gun Laws
Did Piers really expect Alex Jones to just lay down? Probably
Omaha Wendy’s Franchise Forced to Cut Employee Hours Thanks to Obamacare
How many of them were warned and still voted for Obama?
Undocumented immigrants push Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support the Dream Act
Why do illegals have any say in anything?
ESPN host Rob Parker suggests RGIII ‘pushes away’ from ‘his people’
How much of THIS will be “taken out of context”?
National security concerns at Los Alamos? U.S. nuclear weapons hub discovers Chinese-made telecom gizmos embedded in its network
Bush’s fault (again)?

6 Responses

  1. Ilion

    Crowd Cheers After Chicago Teachers Union Pres. Jokes About Killing the Rich
    Uh, who’ll pay your salary, bitch?

    I guess the stupid bitch doesn’t realize that from the point of view of millions of Dem voters — to say nothing of UN 3rd-world groupies — *she* is “the rich” who are to be murdered for her loot.

    • Igor

      Never underestimate the human capacity for self-delusion and lack of cognition, Ilion.  Stupidity is universal, the sentence is death, and there is no appeal.

      • Ilion

        Oh, I certainly don’t underestimate the human capacity for self-delusion: I encounter it constantly, and it’s a marvel to behold,

  2. PB-in-AL

    Musberger – Bob you said, “She IS hot. Should we deny we have eyes…?” Yes, she is; no, we shouldn’t. A comment about her being attractive and a former Miss Alabama would have been just fine, and fairly par for the course. Unfortunately, Brent couldn’t just leave it at that and went on (and on and on) for two or three minutes, with the other guys trying to change the subject back to football. It was kinda creepy. My wife commented about it, as did a number of folks on FB at the time.

    He also went on later about McCarron and B. Jones “kissing and making up” several times. Brent seems to have some, uhm, unresolved issues maybe?

    My favorite comment from that article:

    lacyunderalls – As we get older, little by little, we start to lose some of our senses. The first one to go is the sense of decency


  3. Tallyman

    Alex Jones isn’t a Republican.

    That coupon on the Barack Snake Oil label was rejected for Inaugural tickets.

    America will reap another four years of Hopium indigestible weeds.


  4. PB-in-AL

    Debt limit – indeed, that they’re paid better today than the last 4 years that they haven’t done anything.


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