Holder Wanted To ‘Brainwash’ Us About Guns

Holder 1995: We Must ‘Brainwash’ People on Guns
Amazing what comes out of the mouth of a liberal when they think no one is watching on CSPAN2….

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  1. Tallyman

    The sheeple’s lambs have already been brainwashed by their union trainers in their training pens, aka “schools.” The sheeple leave their training pens where they were taught to emote in response to media stimuli and to call those emotes, rational thought. All those victims in the last century of those great socialist, Marxist, or Fascist leaders were all disarmed before meeting their liquidation. Look how illiterate, without knowledge of arithmetic, gun toting Taliban can confront the Russian and US armies and in the end win. Mao: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
    Even if their messiah were to be benevolent, who would follow him with all disarmed? Heed the warnings of Hayek in his “The Road to Serfdom,” that “The worst get to the Top.” In an autocratic system, the most vicious psychopath will always win out against the “idealist.” to become leader.

  2. The Machine

    Remember when brainwashing was considered to be something evil that the North Koreans and Chinese did to our captured fighting men?

  3. Igor

    Absolutely no surprises here, this is right out of the Progressive’s playbook.  Can we wake the Sheeple in time?

  4. Uncle Rick

    This is so typical of the liberal approach to everything. “We need to change people . . .”

    “We” meaning “we the intelligent elite” and “people” meaning “everybody else”. They really, really believe they have the legitimate authority (to them it’s a sacred responsibility akin to what Kipling called ‘the white man’s burden’) to change the ignorant, stupid masses who aren’t them. And if the unwashed masses won’t change easily, by their own methods (‘see the light’), then the elite may just have to use force. Regrettable, to be sure, but it’s all for the best and we’ll thank them later.

    This was the view of the privileged aristocracy of a bygone era, but it is also the view of Marx and his ilk. After all, if you want to make an omelet . . .


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