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Sad Redskins
What’s in a name? The Redskins’ bad karma
2002 FLASHBACK: Names Were Changed To Protect The Innocent
Blaming a defeat on politically incorrect karma is what you get when a liberal named “Courtland” decides to write about sports.

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  1. Igor

    To heck with the Karma, the name, whatever!  I was flat amazed that the Seattle Seachickens actually WON!.

    If I was a betting man I’dve lost my shirt.  And the horse I rode in on.

  2. GoodMojo

    Even more troublesome:  There is no editoral apparatus there willing to tell him this column makes him sound like an imbecile.  Anything goes, in what once once the press.

  3. The Dead Man

    Anyone remember this? I’ve got a friend that owns a few shirts because he found it hilarious. People need to lighten up. If the local tribe has a problem with it, let them take it up. Otherwise, it’s to my understanding that a lot of the tribes usually allow it, acknowledging it both as a tribute and a way to receive benefits. At least the two cases I knew of that was the case. Even with minimal research I also turned up that in the case of the Utes here at least, they ok’d both the team names and the mascots.

    Then again, when has that ever stopped someone from paving the road to hell?

    • chrisbg99

      That is pretty much the same here in North Dakota and the Fighting Sioux. A majority of the Sioux population like the name but a small minority and Concerned White Liberals decided that they were actually offended no matter what they say.

      Long story short: ***holes.


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