Unintended Consequence Of The Day

This may be an unintended result but in the grand scheme of things, but as long as liberals get their way, consider this collateral damage.

Now Gossip site Gawker publishes names of ALL licensed gun owners in New York City
And if law abiding citizens are injured or killed because of their actions, watch how fast the left excuses their own culpability.

4 Responses

  1. Mauser

    Mr. Stalker is stupid.  Doesn’t he realize he got her name off a lit of people who HAVE GUNS?

    • Mommy RN

      Well, yes, stalkers are stupid, and bullies to boot… they count on their sheer presence and annoyance to overwhelm the victim (and in too many cases they are right). I’m sure that he figures she will hesitate and he can take the gun and use it to terrorize her even more. I hope she remembers “one in the head, two in the stomach”…. and hey, just for style points, one in the groin.

  2. Chris

    I still say the citizens that are not shown as armed may be in increased danger if the bad guys would rather not confront a gun owner.

    Any future statistical data should exclude the specific citizens that are already in increased danger such as the stalking subject that has been successfully hiding out until the disclosure.


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