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Navy admits standard-issue uniform is highly flammable and will melt onto skin
Supposedly, “the Navy’s top spokesman said that the government organization is aware of the report findings, and added that sailors had asked for a fade-resistant uniform that was also comfortable.” When I was in, sailors asked for a lot of things regarding comfort. I had no idea the Navy’s top people actually gave a shit.

DEA Agents Tried to Cover Up Secret Service Prostitution Scandal, Letter Says
Desperation once those who believed they’d never get caught, got caught
Bloomberg Slaps Down Criticism of Painkiller Restriction Plan
So Napoleon’s not fretting if people have to “suffer a little bit”. Next time he’s in an ER, let’s see how long it takes Napoleon to exempt himself from his edict….
Supreme Court to hear case on Obama’s alleged forged documents
Orly’s back
Texas school can force students to wear chips judge rules
So much for parental authority. What’s next?
Obama to pay US debt with trillion-dollar coins?
$1 trillion platinum coin hogwash – if it should happen, buy gold and silver
Imagine finding one of those bad boys on the street….
Washington D.C. Mayor ‘Redskins’ Is RACIST… It´s Time for a Change
Always having a corrupt black mayor in DC is racist. Time for a change
Obama signs protection bill for former presidents
While he plots to reduce our rights, he protects his own ass
Jenni Rivera worked as a performer for drug cartel before tragic plane crash death, lawyer claims
The ugly truth comes out
Californian women told to have more children as birth rate in most populous state plummets
Note they didn’t tell “couples” (and maybe they shouldn’t abort so many potential taxpayers; just a thought)
Donald Trump to Bill Maher: Pay Up
One would think The Donald would be smart enough to know you can’t hold a liberal at his or her word
National Organization for Women: ‘President Obama, where are the Women?’
He won and as thanks, he’s blowing off the supportive nags. You’re welcome
Feds fund $100,000 video game featuring female climate change ‘superhero’
The NEA proving again how much of a waste of our money they are
Labor Dept. Reports $5 Billion in ‘Improper’ Unemployment Insurance Payments
Notice we very seldom hear of the government recouping stolen tax dollars…?
Fix broken mental health system
You’d better check with the ACLU before you proceed with that
Bachmann still hasn’t paid presidential campaign staffers
If she hasn’t by now, she probably won’t. Remember this next time…
Pentagon considers hiring freeze, contract delays
Collateral damage
Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax
Showing the administration the way
In Debate with Breitbart´s Shapiro, CNN´s Piers Morgan Calls the Constitution ‘Your Little Book’
Piers continues to trash the guest house
Limbaugh Asks CNN: How Would You React If Bush/Cheney Tried To Use Executive Order On Abortion?
Like CNN would answer a question requiring rational thought
Labor union bosses’ salaries put ‘big’ in Big Labor
Stories like this have been written for years and the bosses could give a shit
Gun Advocates Celebrate ‘Secret’ Obamacare Provision Forbidding Exec Order To Regulate Guns And Ammo
Maybe the left should have read it before signing it
New Study Finds CRA ‘Clearly’ Did Lead To Risky Lending
So, the economic meltdown wasn’t Bush’s fault after all…
Jacksonville GM: ‘No Plans’ to Acquire Tebow
In the NFL, nice guys may finish last

7 Responses

    • Igor

      Has anybody contacted this student to tell her to take the card with the chip in it and cover it with metal foil?  Aluminum foil, the thicker the better, but steel is the best. Personally, I’d zorch the card if they forced me to wear it.  Amazing what you can do with a microwave oven….

      • Koala

        Use a rare earth magnet too. They are lots of fun!

      • Igor

        Koala, the magnetic field has to be “moving” before anything will happen.  Without getting into the physics, if you place a magnet beside the card not much will happen. However, if you throw a 10-Gauss field that is rotating or oscillating right next to the card (the frequency matters, too), hilarity ensues and you zorch important things in the card.  Leaves no marks unless something physically turns to gas (I’m thinking the surface-mount capacitors here…).

        Just leave no physical footprints on the card if you can help it.  Don’t over-microwave it, don’t melt it, no external marks on the card.

  1. GoodMojo

    Gun Advocates Celebrate ‘Secret’ Obamacare Provision Forbidding Exec Order To Regulate Guns And Ammo

    Silly conservatives.  Still believing Obama and his leftist Democrats will feel bound to obey a law that impedes their wishes, even if *they* did write it surreptitiously, and pass it corruptly.

    Leftists do not follow rules, nor do they honor deals.  When will we learn?

    • Mommy RN

      And it is pretty narrowly written… as I read it, it merely prohibits insurance companies from asking or maintaining databases about such things for purposes of insurance or healthcare payments. It doesn’t seem to prohibit any other agency from doing it.


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