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Should The Media Expose Legal Gun Owners’ Names And Addresses?
I’ll bet that woman in the apartment (who may think differently about some of her neighbors she’d know has a gun also) knows exactly where she’d go if a stalker came into the complex looking for her….

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  1. Mauser

    These people hate guns, but when there’s trouble, they call 911, which is basically ordering up home delivery of a man with a gun, who may or may not make it there faster than a pizza ordered the same way.

    • Koala

      …and the person with the gun sent by 911 might lose his/her life defending that helpless citizen.

  2. The Machine

    I made the decision over twenty years ago that my personal means of self protection, which includes many more things besides firearms, all of those things being legal at this point in time, mind you, would only be used to protect me and mine.

    There have been far too many cases where heroes who have stepped in to defend others such as the woman in this video, saved their lives at the possible expense of their own, only to find themselves defending criminal charges and/or lawsuits.

    So, if she was my neighbor, she’s on her own.

    I’ll dial 911 and that’s where it stops.

    No, I don’t like that situation at all, but one has to protect their own and self.

    And there are too many judges sitting on benches who think just like that woman.  Or worse.

    • Igor

      I would still jump in and protect, Machine, it’s just the way I am, the way I was trained.  I don’t blame you for your attitude because, as you rightly pointed out, “there are too many judges sitting on benches who think just like that woman.”  I personally wouldn’t let it affect me one way or the other, I would be focusing in on the problem at hand at the time.  Silly me.


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