The B&R Saturday Skim

President Obama Will Have Secret Service Protection For the Rest of His Life
We can add “hypocrite” for the same duration

Teacher claims discrimination over her fear of kids
Today’s punks DO have my head on the swivel
How About Gun Control for the Pentagon?
Use any adjective you want for the woman who wrote this
Boys, 14 and 15, killed in separate shootings Friday
The real racism in the country exists in national newsrooms and amongst liberal elite “activists”
Experts Say All Computer Users Should Disable Java ASAP
Again, we go through all this because of online assholes*
Time Inc. Will Lay Off 700 After 5% Ad Decline
High-level layoffs loom at N.Y. Times
No one’s buying it anymore
Colleges Twist U.S. History
The brainwashing of children by overpaid intellectual cowards continues
Teens charged with 2nd-degree murder
We need pen control!
Reid Urges Obama to Bypass Congress on Debt Ceiling
The next Republican president should repeat the favor just to hear Harry whine like a pussy
Oakland’s Radical Occupy Teachers Finally Reveal Their Goal: ‘Abolish Capitalism’
That would keep them fat and non-productive
Why the Broncos will win the Super Bowl
How Houston Can Advance to AFC Championship Game
Colin Kaepernick’s Play vs. Packers Will Shape 49ers’ Future
Why the Atlanta Falcons Are Still Legit Super Bowl Contenders
Have they forgotten about a man named Brady?
Ald. Sandi Jackson resigns from Chicago City Council
These things don’t happen without calculation. Something big is about to happen
Friday night document dump: Gun criminal David Gregory is above the law
The liberal elite usually are
Nature Conservancy embroiled in another land grab scandal
If “gimme” doesn’t work, they take
Obama online petition site: Direct democracy or empty gesture?
Letting the Obamabots feel like they have some meaning in their lives
Seattle Woman Vows to Eat, Drink Only Starbucks Items for a Year
“Venti Me”, coming to a theater near you

*Not to be confused with the run-of-the-mill, everyday asshole.

5 Responses

  1. Odiferous1

    Clicked on the link warning to disable Java content, found this gem:

    Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment! Now Javascript is disabled.


  2. Odiferous1

    You think American weapons are a problem in the US? Take a look at what American weapons are dong outside the country.

    Look at the verb before the italicized part.  Sadly, it likely passed spell check.

  3. RightSide

    How About Gun Control for the Pentagon?
    Use any adjective you want for the woman who wrote this

    Idiot? Delusional? Mental deficient? Those pop to mind. Facts, logic, law and the Constitution do NOT matter to liberals so long as they feel good about themselves.  This “journalist” is in complete and utter denial.

    Hey!  Other people want to kill you! They want you dead or, at the very least, all your freedoms stripped from you. They don’t care how you feel so long as you are DEAD. For sure you are dead from the neck up, now.

    And the commenters were just as bad. These people live in Polly Anna Land. Without an armed standing army we would be another conquered land. Unilateral disarmament will never bring peace and prosperity only suffering and death.

  4. Igor

    I’m pretty doggone sure the Seachickens are gonna be a no-show…


  5. ecotim

    Brady is safe since Eli is not in this year. But will be in for a home stadium Superbowl game.


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