Tweet Of The Day

MTV’s “Buckwild” beat the entirety of MSNBC’s programming
‘Buckwild’ Is What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Producing Poverty Voyeurism

  • The Machine

    Next season, “Buck Nekkid”…

    • Igor

      And the season after that, “Butt Stoopid”…

  • Tallyman

    Fill your empty life watching others fill their empty lives in style. When will we get the Black and Hispanic versions?

  • Igor

    Southern Meets Pinhead.  Suuuure makes for a good show, don’t it?

    Slouching towards Gomorrah for sure.  THIS is the “quality” of what we have to look forward to for supposed “programming”.  It’s programming, all right – it turns off the intelligence switch of those that watch it all the time!

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