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Tom BradyDo stats and results not mean anything anymore?

Despite another Pro Bowl season, quarterback Tom Brady, with three votes, did not make either first or second team, beaten out by first-teamer Peyton Manning (43 votes) and Aaron Rodgers (four votes). Brady missed the second team by one vote after throwing for 4,827 yards and 34 touchdowns and eight interceptions while completing 63 percent of his passes.

Then again, I’m sure the AP and NFL would like to honor someone who’ll be at the Pro Bowl. Tom usually either sits it out or is kinda busy getting ready for one more week of football.

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  1. KevinSGtr

    That’s too bad. I’m a big fan of TB. But there are many haters especially here in Eagles country. They were all so happy about TBs 2 Super Bowl losses to the NYGs.

    However, I’m also in Ravens land and us AFC fans have much respect for the Brady/Bellichick axis.

    Overall, sports media make me ill. Just like the MSM!


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