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Student athletes believe they are special and we now appear (with the help of helicopter parents) to have a generation that fails to recognize the very special opportunity in front of them and even on the professional level, leaders have to more ready to coddle than coach.

  • The same thing is happening in the Army. All leaders must attend regular resiliency training. We learn that it’s better to be our soldier’s friends instead of their leaders. Hugs, pats on the back, and that-a-boys are expected from leaders. If a soldier get a tongue-lashing, he is off to the IG and a leader’s career is cut short.

  • Tabcola

    I am blessed to have 2 young men who do not behave this way. One is 15 and amazing.. he grounded himself recently for a C he received in his report card! Before the card was issued!!! Before you judge he knows that a C is not acceptable because he was playing online and video games and not giving it his best. If he had, the C was ok. but he was not! And he knew that! I have 2 young men that are amazing and I thank God for them everyday! One is a twice published author.l The same one who knows a C is NOT ok! There is hope!


    • n.n

      The prerequisite to enjoy liberty is individuals capable of self-moderating behavior. The exceptions, for practical reasons, are few and far between.

  • The Machine

    Its not limited to athletics either.

    Have been mentoring one of my own former music students, who recently got fired from his position at a private junior high where he was subcontracted to provide private music lessons.  Seems that one lad was consistently late for his half hour lesson.  Fifteen minutes late for a half hour lesson pretty much destroys whatever might get accomplished in a half hour.  So, wishing to get this young lad’s attention, the fellow raised his voice and told the kid that, if he did not care to get to his lesson on time, he could just stop lessons altogether.   And then momma called the school and then the female assistant principal and momma were both sitting there to accuse my friend of all sorts of things that he did not do, up to and including the use of foul language, something this particular young man doesn’t do anyway, often chiding me when I use same when it was just him and me, and, of course, such eventually led to him being informed that his services were no longer needed.

    We. Are. Doomed.




    • n.n

      The self-esteem without merit movement has been the single greatest cause of dissociation from reality and therefore corruption of our society.  It is one thing when narcissism occurs in the exception.  It is quite another matter when it becomes the rule.

      • GoodMojo


        • Koala

          I second that.

  • IT Nerd

    Giving trophies to all players so they do not know failure basically promotes the idea, “you are special, just like everyone else” which really means you are ordinary.

    These newly minted wussies could never play for coaches like Lombardi, Parcells, (Woody) Hayes, or (Bob) Knight.  All of them built strong teams and didn’t take shit from players.   These players bitching about the coaches hurting their feelings because they have been told they are “special” best take a look at the careers of players with similar attitudes such as Maurice Clarette or Brian Bosworth.

  • Tallyman

    A ship of fools headed to their Isles of Golden Dreams. All clinging to their multiple “one of the best” trophies as their proof of superiority. A multitude of fantasies ready to sink in the Sea of Reality and be devoured by the more prepared sharks. A Darwinian solution awaits..

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