The B&R Monday Skim

NFC Championship Preview: 49ers at Falcons
AFC Championship Preview: Ravens at Patriots
Ravens’ Ayanbadejo rips Patriots on Twitter
Here we go…

Maryland teachers union wants nonmembers to pay fee
Misery loves company
White House tells Paul Ryan it won’t meet budget deadline
It’s sooooo racist of Republicans to expect the president to do his job
Obama: Gun Lobby “Ginning Up Fear” That Government Will Take Away All Your Guns
Yes, all his talk about possible “executive action” is just gun nut fear-mongering
Obama says he´ll outline gun-control proposals by the end of the week
Just as soon as somebody writes them
Bay Area homicide rate rises in 2012
Another blue “gun free” wannabe target rich environment
Thomas to be banned in ‘non-adversarial way’
All because… he snubbed Obama
Chief Nulty Says Journal News Endangers Undercover Officers, Orangetown Council Blasts Journal-News Gun Map
Public University To Offer Course On ‘Sibling Incest’
Someone need ask Professor Stefani Engelstein what inspired the course
Twin Sisters Fatally Struck By Truck While Fighting In South LA Street
Tip of the Day: Ladies, nothing good comes from fighting in the street at 3am
Anonymous warns of US ‘insurrection’
I think Capitol Hill will back off before we see any bloodshed (because they know they’d be targets…)
Riot Breaks Out At Housing Assistance Event In Metro Detroit
Obama voters
Sweeping new gun laws proposed by influential liberal think tank
The Center for American Progress not letting a good crisis go to waste
NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 5:  U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaks at a press conference in front of a gas station September 5, 2005 in New York City. Schumer and Senator Jon Corzine (D-NJ) announced they are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to launch an investigation into the oil industry in light of the huge disparities in gas prices as they continue to soar.  (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images) Sen. Schumer Asks Gun Retailers To Stop Sales As Congress Debates
Walmart Is Not Ordering Anymore Ammo
Think the government is getting too powerful yet?
Journal News gun permit map used by burglars to target White Plains home?
Journal News, time to lawyer-up
The lowdown on Lew
A warning
Now that´s a hero´s welcome! Video showing returning Afghanistan soldier met by his uncontrollably excited pet dog goes viral
Today’s feel good
How Our Media Mislead on Guns
FYI: “Mislead” is a polite way of saying lied so you don’t get sued
Old Media Belatedly Discovers That Elections Have Consequences
After endorsing Obama, they didn’t think that “fair share” thing applied to them
Nudists Seek Corporate Sponsor Looking for Greater Exposure
Imagine the possible ad campaign slogans…
E-Filing and the Explosion in Tax-Return Fraud
There are people out there who spend their whole day thinking of ways to fuck over others
Powell says Hagel ‘superbly qualified’ for defense secretary, criticizes Republican Party
Colin Powell is No Republican
Thank you
Obama about ready to push forward with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants
Remember what he said about “revenge”…
Britain can no long afford to pay the extortionate cost of the welfare state
A point the United States will be visiting soon

3 Responses

  1. n.n

    We already cannot afford the welfare and “welfare” states. Whether it is budget or account deficits, the result is a progressive devaluation of capital and labor, where eventually we serve at the King’s pleasure.

  2. Igor
    Probably because they can’t  find any to buy!
    I still smell a lawsuit coming…
    E-Filing and the Explosion in Tax-Return Fraud
    There are people out there who spend their whole day thinking of ways to fuck over others
    Don’t lie, cheat, or steal, the Gubmint hates the competition!!
    One unqualified guy recommending another unqualified guy,  Ho hum.
    Oh, I remember.  And I will continue to tell the Libtards that this is what they voted for, and don’t come crying to me when their job is taken over by somebody that works for slave wages…
    If by “soon”, Bob, you mean “this year”, I agree.  Unfortunately.
  3. Tallyman

    Get Schumer’s gun.

    Powell and Hagel, birds of feather, sell out together.

    I bought my last NY Times in 1961 for lies and non reporting.. What is taking the others so long?.

    Section 8 brings out the best in people.

    Sibling incest comes out of the closet.


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