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uf_logo2An example of present-day education by a University of Florida “English senior”

A lady was hiding in her attic from a burglar with her two kids and her Saturday night special when he used a crowbar to bust in on them. So she did what she had to do. Next thing you know, the creeper with them two feets who came a-creepin’ like a black cat do is on the floor full of .38 holes.

There’s an important aspect of this story I need to draw attention to at this point because it perplexes the hell outta me: He didn’t mean to violently intrude upon this family.

Welcome a burglar into your home. That way you don’t have to shoot him.

There’s the critical thinking we’re all paying for.

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  1. Tallyman

    Must you answer the door? Would he have been polite and said I wanted to burgle an empty house, but since you are home, I’ll burgle next door. Thank you for alerting me to your presence. The woman put six bullets into him and he still walked out of the house. She should have had a magazine of 20 or more.
    For Dallin, i ask that he show us how to react by carrying bag along the meanest streets in Chicago.

    • Igor

      And that’s why I shoot for the head –  turn off the switchboard, the problem stops no matter how high you are.  And they don’t make bulletproof protection for the head!

      The only way I’d carry a bag along the mean streets of Chi-town is with an Abrams tank wrapped around me.


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