Simmons Wants ‘PeaceKeepers’, Not Guns, In Schools

Simmons Peacekeepers
Russell Simmons Wants Peace Keepers in Schools: Not Armed Guards
Is it as simple as that?

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  1. chrisbg99

    When the sole desire of the person shooting up a place is bloodshed what good would mediation do?

  2. n.n

    In the spirit of UN “peacekeepers”, they will remain inside the castle walls, and watch while the natives are murdered and raped. At least when they do not participate in the criminal festivities.

  3. Igor

    Aaaaaand, just what will Mr. Simpleton Simmons do when actually confronted with a crazy with a gun, pray tell?  Ah, probably become a Darwin Award recipient!  Silly me.

  4. Uncle Rick

    That’ll work! Stand-out orange shirts, some of them with a big white target on the front. The only possible outcome here is new inductees into the Darwin Awards.


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