The B&R Tuesday Skim

Chicago: Teens Among 9 Shot, 3 Fatally, Since Friday
Axelrod’s Policy Institute To Hold Panel On Connecticut Shootings
Obama to Congress: If Newtown moved you, act on guns
Because hundreds of dead kids in the hood (last year alone) weren’t worth the effort

Biden: W.H. readies 19 executive actions on guns
GOP congressman threatens impeachment if Obama uses executive action for gun control
Meet Rep. Steve Stockman, America’s next lib-anointed racist…
Taxpayers pay for Bill Clinton’s Cinemax, Jimmy Carter’s Dish Network
It’s our duty as Americans
I’m a dope fiend: Lance ‘fesses in Oprah sit-down
Lied to keep getting paid, tells the truth to keep getting paid
Obama: We Must Borrow More to Pay Our Debts!
Obama: No negotiations with GOP over debt ceiling
Levin: If Obama sidesteps Congress on debt ceiling, ‘no choice’ but impeachment
Good luck with that (and the king knows it)
Chuck-Hagel-jpg Hagel Allies Coordinate Smear Campaign Against Critics, Emails Reveal
So what else is new when it comes to this bunch?
Obama: Republicans Don´t Care About Poor Kids, Elderly
Obama looking for some friends in GOP
Just like that
Obama: Conservative media ‘demonizes me’
He believes he’s exempt from the whole “what goes around” thing
Democratic Party Becomes Party Of Corruption

4 Responses

  1. Igor

    Wow, good thing my 6-shooter isn’t an 11-shooter, huh?

    To a Lib/Prog, anything over 10 is “high capacity” because after that they can’t count without taking off their shoes.

  2. Ford_Prefect

    It is funny this call to ban “High Capacity Magazines”.  Given that my Bushmaster Carbon-15 came with a 30 round magazine, that is the standard size. This is a high capacity magazine. The same can be said for my Springfield XDm full size 9mm. It is a 19+1, so a “standard” magazine holds 19 rounds, any more would be high capacity.

  3. Tallyman

    Stop spending. Cut off the prodigals.

    What do the murdering bunch of thugs who sent real assault weapons to Mexico to kill many hundreds of men, women and children care about some 20 dead children in Connecticut?



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