Obama’s Kid (Gun) Show

Slate writer believes Obama’s kids ARE more important than ours (thus deserving of armed protection) while the president uses children to turn Americans into brown-shirt anti-gun snitches. So much for HIPAA….

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  1. Mommy RN

    Ack… Bob… it’s HIPAA…. not HIPPA… (trust me, I have to sit through annual lectures on this law)… And honestly, we’ve asked about firearms in the home for a long time now. When I was doing intake on one family and I got to that question, the mom said, “Ya-up… I keep a rifle under the mattress to keep the damned Javalinas away!” I did NOT mess with that family! LOL (Not that I mess with any of them, but that had to be the best answer I ever got to that question.)

  2. n.n

    Wait a second. I though it was sarcasm. Is Yglesias serious? It seems at least some part of the American Left does indeed serve at the King’s pleasure. Those benefits don’t come without a loss of dignity.

  3. Tallyman

    The bite of the NRA was painful and negated some of the desired impact of the “lower class” children behind the Emperor. We’re copying the North Korean child snitch system.
    The Emperor has decreed his new “law” in conflict with both the Hippocratic oath of doctors and the privacy provided under law by HIPAA and the sundry States’ laws and regulations. The Emperor believes he can override federal and States’ law for what he has determined is the greater good. The Emperor expects doctors to comply to avoid charges, if any patient in the future might commit a gun crime.
    The history of this presumptive Emperor is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of his tyranny over our Constitutional Republic, its laws, its Constitution.and our unalienable individual rights .

  4. The Machine

    I think his actions say, “you people” much more loudly than the accusations that Republicans say, “those people”.

    Don’t you?

  5. GoodMojo

    An unconscionable liar and user:  I continue to mourn this presidency.


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