The Backlash Has Begun

Obama Alone
Obama and Biden unveil gun control agenda in White House speech
Backlash already started ahead of Obama’s announcement on gun control
You can only push people to a point

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  1. Tallyman

    Although impeachment might not succeed in Senate, the House can conduct an investigation in public, instead of in secret as with a Grand Jury. Such an investigation would allow the subpoenaing of all of Barack’s records, including school, State Department passport records, Social Security applications, the Secret Service, and any and all White House staff. All Benghazi and Fast and Furious would be open to subpoena and testimony without any executive privilege. Barack has lots to hide

    • The Machine

      And, as we have already seen, they just won’t turn over any relevant documents.

    • n.n

      The JournoLists will cry racism, and Obama will be reelected to a third term.

  2. n.n

    Impeachment without removal may actually be counterproductive. Reid will neither support nor permit removal of Obama or any of the other jesters.

  3. Koala

    “And in Texas, Congressman Steve Stockman says he will try to impeach President Obama if any new gun regulations are forced through using executive orders.”    Can we include Fast and Furious and Benghazi?


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