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And we’re the ones who are supposed to be narrow-minded and intolerant…

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  1. The Machine

    As a female black moonbat I happen to know stated to me, “My mind’s made up!”

    • n.n

      MLK’s insight is ignored.  Traditional knowledge is ignored.  Judge a man by his principles.

    • Igor

      “…don’t confuse me with the facts.”   (Emphasis mine)

  2. n.n

    Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about sexually exploiting a female subordinate. Before Obama, Carter was considered to be the least competent president. Obama is rejected with cause for exploiting Americans through democratic leverage to consolidate capital and power for his preferred interests.

    When the Democrats learn to recognize individual dignity; when they learn to recognize an intrinsic value of human life; when they learn to reject progressive involuntary exploitation; when they learn to distinguish between philosophy and science; when they quit exploiting differentials and gradients to advance their political, economic, and social standing; then I will consider their party as a credible alternative.

    I am simply amazed how effectively normalization through rationalization is processed.

    That said, is it possible that none of those people know what is happening outside of their backyard?

    I would say they are voting from a state of vulnerability; but, none of those people appear to be especially oppressed.

    – – –
    Wait… “Those people” may be misconstrued as racist. Replace “those people” with “those folks.”  That seems to be reconcilable with progressive corruption.


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