Chicago Violence: The Media Doesn’t Care About Black People

myerI’m sorry if this comes off as insensitive but you know I’ve always sought consistency. If George Bush didn’t care about black people because of the slow response to Hurricane Katrina, the media doesn’t care about black people with their blanket coverage of the Newtown shooting and almost non-existent coverage of kids being killed daily in Chicago.

I think a lot of people are indifferent because they figure it didn’t happen to them or they figure most of our kids in our community are gang-bangers or drug-dealers or don’t go to school, they’re uneducated, they don’t have fathers or they don’t have mothers.
Annette Nance-Holt, mother of violence victim

Of course since the liberal media is going out of their way to emphasize all things black, thanks to their support of Barack Obama, it can’t be because they favor white kids over black.

Nah, it’s got to be something else….

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  1. Koala

    There is no outrage over the black children being murdered because that is the behavour liberal extremest expect from “blacks”! They promote the stereotypes of sagging pants and wearing the hat backwards , talking in “ebonics” violence and shootings. The ones who do not fit the image are paid high wages to help promote the lies. If they won’t then a hazing is done.

  2. Koala

    There is no excuse for this racist outrage. If parents in Chicago were allowed to go armed and defend themselves and their children from gangs it would be a whole different story. There would be no gangs and alot less young black men in prison. The disempowering of the black population of Chicago infuriates me beyond words. I am totally against gun registration but if we must have it I wish to see the box that one must check for “race” to be removed.

  3. BHD

    Bob, Thank you for this story. I was given the “…I don’t believe you can provide a single example of mass killings of innocents in an inner city neighborhood.” Having a first hand example of a mass killing at my sisters elementary school back in 2003 was not good enough for my liberal friend and since the media never reported on the shooting I could not give him a media report, this report gives me the “mass killing” he claims never happens.


  4. GoodMojo

    It’s not the so many “outsiders” are indifferent, it’s that so many “insiders” are indifferent.  Over time, the impossibility of helping those who will not help themselves, becomes apparent to all but the most obtuse.  The way to fix things in their “neighborhoods”, is to change their “individual” outlooks.  This would prompt them to change their “leadership”.  This, in turn, might prompt real changes in the community.

    I constantly hear, and read about Black folks bristling over being lumped in with the “bad actors” among them, yet in the next sentence, blame “the white man” for everything that ails them.  Do they think white people  are anxious to take the weight for things prior generations did?  Does hard working, fair, honest “Brad” want to take shit for the actions of racist, asshole, dirtbag “Biff”?  I don’t think so.

    If they had any real “leaders” in the Chicago area, the dialogue being pressed might go something like:  “What incentive does anyone have to come here and help this (Our) community germinate a better lifestyle for ALL of us?  The costs of doing business in this area are higher from the outset.  Because of the crime, the insurance costs of operating a businesshere  can be prohibitive, and that’s just the beginning.

    Now, there are people available wioth money to spend, and jobs to create.  What are WE going to do to help make this happen?”

    Anybody who shuffs blame to the Whites, and doesn’t say they ‘will do what it takes’, can be counted part of the problem.

  5. n.n

    They cannot exploit Blacks killing Blacks for political leverage.  They cannot generally exploit Whites killing Whites for political leverage.  And so on and so forth.  They only have a selective interest in the children, which is why they support and defend the normalization of elective abortion, among other human rights violations.

  6. Igor

    Truth has no agenda, is colorblind, and is pitiless. Libs/Progressives/Democrats can’t handle the truth, apparently.  In fairness, LOTS of people that are not in the above category can’t handle the truth either.

    “There is none so blind, as he who will not see.”

  7. bobkatowc51

    It’s not insensitive Bob, it’s telling the truth. If that many people were being killed in a liberal white or predominately white neighborhood, there would be an hell to pay.. . Were are the Black leaders, you know who they are, with all this going on. The black leaders who do come forward and demand this be stopped are not shown on MSM. Oh, yea,,  Newtown was predominately white. Look at the out rage,. Chicago on the road to a new record for the year. Nothing. No outrage.


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