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As we observe the goings on overseas, our citizens kidnapped and/or killed, nations out of control, and the United States is diplomatically and militarily (in some cases) nowhere to be found. There may be an explanation for our “leading from behind”….

Do we have to be the policemen of the world? Do we have to be the one and only superpower? Or could we imagine ourselves a nation among nations. Could we imagine a foreign policy based on justice, rather than power.
Bill Ayers

If Ayers really does have the president’s ear, this would explain a great many things about where we are and where we’re headed.

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  1. GoodMojo

    He certainly seems to  have no fear of “Homegrown Right-Wing Terrorists”.

  2. Tallyman

    To have justice, ye or a God must have the power to enforce your rules. Some ideas of justice like fairness, no one left behind, everyone has equal outcomes, retribution, reparation, an eye for an eye, all are equal, each according to his need all require a defining mechanism or guidebook. The Pilgrims learned in their Commonwealth with equal sharing during their first year, supposedly under a just God, that idealism and equality conflict with the reality of human behavior. Man, animals, plants and all living and non-living things obey natural rules which ignore any structure called justice. Survival of the fittest destroys the unfit in a species, but in the end improves the survival of the the remainders and their gene pool. Ayers and his fellow traveler, Barack, worship at a Marxist shrine and fail to see their supposed good is destructive in application. Even Ayers’s imagined justice requires a power to enforce its rules. Visions of Marxist justice dance in Barack’s head.

  3. Igor

    And yet…. he’d be the first to squeal if HE went overseas and got kidnapped or something bad happened to him.  Such are hypocrites.

    • Koala

      Why should he have to go overseas? We might get lucky and someone in the US will kidnap him.


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