Pussies Of The Day

I remember a TV weather graphic during a winter here in Northern Virginia that read “bitter cold” when the temps dropped to the upper 30s. Angelinos are weather pussies. Virginians are a close second.

  • tv2112

    Wow. Sunday we have a high of -10 and a low of -22 (static temps). They also say we will have 25 MPH winds. So I will be plugging in my block heater this weekend. Those people embarass Californians. Glad I left that state 22 years ago 🙂

    • Igor

      My poor Corvette in Minot had a tank heater, but it was pathetically ineffective below -35.  I got ONE, repeat ONE, revolution of the engine before the battery said “Forget it, buddy!”.  If the car didn’t start by that time, I was out of luck until it warmed up to -15 at which time the battery and tank heater did their jobs.  I kept that engine tuned up to a fare-thee-well.  No fuel injection, BTW – it was a ’67 two-top.

      P.s. – NEVER slam a Corvette’s doors at -25.

  • Yeah, Idaho panhandle here… 30 is WARM…

    • Igor

      My wife and I just howl when the weather weenies on the local stations say, “bitter cold” when referring to 20 degrees ABOVE zero.  Geez, what were we doing in Minot ND when it was 20 below, and that was the high for the day?!?!  It’s a dry cold, right?


  • Tallyman

    I offer safe winter adaption training here for a modest charge for temperatures -20 and below.. You get to camp in a tent outside in front of my living room window and can look inside at my stove and the VSOP brandy being sipped. Also, remember to drink your brandy before it freezes. Eventually, you’ll become delusional and believe your inside by the stove. In the morning, you’ll get a hearty breakfast inside, having learned cold adaptation.. Book early for the coldest days.

    • Igor

      Any takers?

  • Lazarus Long

    We saw that the other evening and thought “those wusses would go extinct if they were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan”.  Or even a few hundred miles away in the Sierras.

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