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When I was a child, I played with trucks. I know child labor laws were put in place for a reason, but this would have been a fucking blast!

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  1. Igor

    SOMEthing fishy… Either that’s a midget, or a real, REAL responsible kid – he had the knowledge of the controls, how to make the loader operate correctly without damaging or banging into things, etc.  Either a real mature child or a half-grown teenager/adult.  I don’t think he’s a kid.

      • The Machine

        Growing up rural, we operated the big Ford and Massey-F agricultural tractors that our fathers owned.  We also hunted deer with high powered rifles at what many would today deem as “too young”.

        Hell, yours truly even started working on ’em at around that age, performing maintenance tasks and by somewhere around the age of 13, that included the cutting torch and the arc welder.  The father teaching the son what he knows to do is a bonding that man did not create, but man is certainly going about every means available to destroy that.

        I detect the age-old duty of the father to instruct the son here.

        “Son, some day this all will be yours…”

        Not all that much difference between dad owning a concrete plant or a farm, acutally.

        Some folks really can be expected to take responsibilities at younger ages than others.

        That’s one of the big problems with forced Equality;  such always cannot take into account the fact that, while we are born equal in the sense of certain unalienable rights, we are NOT born equal in inherent talents and abilities.

        Besides all that, someone had to be right there to take the video pictures, my feelings are that it was Dad – and all of this was performed under Dad’s supervision.  As it should be.

      • Igor

        Well-stated, although the point I was trying to make is I don’t think that kid is as young as he looks, he’s most likely in his teens.  Heck, I was doing (some of) the same things you were, as most boys do when their father bothers to teach them something.  I was flying Cessnas by 15, for Pete’s sake!

        And you are SO right about Society trying to eliminate the Dad in the family equation…

      • Koala

        True, Machine. A line in the Davy Crockett song comes to mind.

        “Raised in the woods so’s he knew every tree
        Kilt him a b’ar when he was only three.”


  2. Tallyman

    Two very special memories at a young age: I was allowed to use the throttle to take a steam locomotive over the Cape Cod Canal on the railroad bridge and then backing up to cross back.. On a relative’s farm, I steered and drove a tractor. Power satisfies.

  3. tv2112

    When that kid is 18 he will be one of the best equipment operates ever! (as long as he doesn’t fall off the top step). I didn’t get to drive one of those until I was 30 so. With you Bob, I had sticks, rocks, and dirt to play with growing up at that age.

  4. Ilion

    I know child labor laws were put in place for a reason …

    This is one of the few cases of liberal activism in which even though the stated purpose (to protect children from exploitation) had nothing at all to do with the real puropse (to artificially restrict the labor supply and so increase laborer’s wages), the stated purpose did, for the most part, get met.

    But then, the “liberal activism” of the above was from when “liberal” still mostly meant ‘liberal‘ — which we now call ‘conservative‘ — rather than soft-leftism, as it means these days.


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