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I wonder what side this guy thinks I’m on?

Hey picanniny keep your nigger nostrils out of your white masters biz. We should impeach the dumbo ear half niglet. You dirty picanniny how dare you . How about all the racist pussy comments made by Newsweek hah shitskin. Its OK nigger enjoy the ride while it lasts ape face.

BTW — I’m really not impressed by anyone who uses the word “picanniny” in 2013, although I am sensitive about the nostrils….

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  1. GoodMojo1

    If he is real, it’s obvious his poor wife “picked a ninny”. Is it not an honor to have such idiots try to insult you? It makes you even cooler, in my book. And, I didn’t think that was possible. ;0

  2. Tallyman

    It appears the work of a troll who had a complete sentence grammar check and a spell check. Perhaps, he should send a copy to his messiah. .

  3. aelfheld

    Wonder who he had type that for him ’cause he’s d—-d sure not smart enough to figure out a keyboard, let alone e-mail.

  4. ron

    Bob, I doubt if this was even a white guy. or if he was he was a loving caring lib, who feels slighted by your great point of view. God bless you for letting crap like this roll off your back. ps if that is really a picture of the guy he has some explaining to do about that nose of his hahaaha

  5. Ella Halligan

    Coming from the state of AZ, we had to deal with Gov Ev Mecham actually using the word “picaninny” in front of news cameras. (Between him and Symington it was pretty depressing to be from Arizona for quite some time). Mecham was actually using the term “fondly” to describe some cute little girls and had no clue why people got upset.

    But seriously? This guy obviously has no critical thinking skills if he thinks you are on the side of either the mass media or BHO.

    Switched to Disqus? Going to be weird not seeing my name as “MommyRN” on here!

    • Igor

      What, you can’t register MommyRN? Somebody already got it?

      • Ella Halligan

        No, it’s just that I already registered on Disqus as my real name ages ago. I might see if I can figure out how to change it.

  6. Igor

    Hmm, obviously this mouth-breather doesn’t know how to spell “Picatinny”.

    Oh, wait… he’s NOT a gun nut, is he? Must be an ordinary racist-slime nut instead.

  7. Trish Rossiter McNamara

    Did this genius email that comment to YOU Bob? Yeah, picaninny belongs in the retired words category. And I’m not impressed by anything else this “guy” says either. You can usually tell when a person has limited intelligence by their dialogue and over-use of foul language. Clearly this one has given us way too many clues.

    • Bob Parks

      Yes, he emailed me directly. As I wrote on Facebook, my skin is pretty thick but it’s always disturbing when emails like this catch you off guard.


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