Inauguration 2013: Would Obama Satisfy Dr. King’s Dream?

You probably won’t hear about this in the liberal media, but the crowd at this morning’s inaugural gathering on the Washington Mall was almost all black. Considering how this president has divided our nation by class, race, gender, political party and age, do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. would have approved of the Obama administration’s first four years?

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  1. Tallyman

    The MLK that I spoke with did not express such a dream. He told me to register Republican.

  2. koala

    Gee whiz, Bob. If it was scheduled on any other day besides this hallowed MLK day, nobody would be there!

  3. Igor

    Some wag on Facebook made the comment that about 14 or so of the crowd missed work that day…

  4. AJ Jr.

    Or, he could have been a turncoat such as Colin Powell has been, and dogmatically supported O’s extreme views.

  5. Warren Jewell

    Though, I think that Dr. King would have commended America for being ready and willing to accept and elect a non-white candidate. He’d shake his head, very likely, several times a week to watch President Obama in action. By now, he probably would be speaking at least weekly in disagreement with policies. Maybe, Dr. King would have also caused a shift in election results, with more Republican gains and Democratic losses, to help ameliorate the poor policies and acts. And, Dr. King would be all over those executive orders, scorching Obama’s ears.


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