Video Of The Day

Michelle Obama is NOT impressed: First Lady rolls her eyes TWICE at political foe John Boehner as he speaks to her husband during the inaugural luncheon
Four more years of her, too.

  • MaddieMoss

    Gee, and all this time I thought only dogs displayed food aggression in the family eating area.

    What’s the deal with circling her arms around her plate? No one is stupid enough to take food away from a hungry Wookie.

  • Palmetto

    Is she on seconds? No one else in this whole clip lifted a fork.

  • Tallyman

    She practices every night with Barack.

  • She can’t even gat her elbows off the table while eating. Disgusting trailer park trash manners.

  • Igor


    *I* roll my eyes at Weepy Bonehead every time I see him as well! ;P

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