Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony

“I believe in transparency. I believe in taking responsibility.”
I’m still waiting for the joke as I’ve just heard the punchline.

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  1. The Machine

    Sounded like a preteen’s attempt at defense to me.

    Complete with the double-down aspect.

  2. VeryOldSoldier

    Today was a Democratic Party love-fest with what they believe will be their
    next president.

    The Dems absolutely don’t give a $h^t about the truth – they just want
    to be part of her making history.

    Between Hillary lying to Congress and Panetta’s decision to allow women in
    front-line combat roles, – this was a VERY BAD DAY for America!

    • louielouie

      they believe will be their next president.

      have to disagree with you there.
      secondly, now that they have seen hussein, klebb ain’t commie enough for this gaggle.
      secondly, after hussein’s third term, not only will klebb be too old, i’d keep my eye on eric holder or van jones.

      secondly, the best she can do now is to be a supreme.
      secondly, after 2015, what’s left of this country is going to be so balkanized, the dems. may nominate boehner.

  3. Tallyman

    A Ministry of Truth scripted event, where the questions and responses are scripted. The opposition feigns their attack. The wicked witch bellows her bile.

  4. Igor

    She’ll do her best to obfuscate and deny deny deny. It’s in her Liberal DNA. Plus, I’m sure the Ogabe Regime will stomp her and toss her under the bus if she steps out of line – it’s the Chicago Way™.

    I wouldn’t expect anything different, the leopard’s spots aren’t gonna change even though it’s after the election………..


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