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Barack Obama provides landing pad for fly
Word is there are a lot of flies in Washington, D.C. which would explain why they so rudely buzz our beloved president. I’ve been in and around the nation’s capitol for over three years now and I can’t remember experiencing the Fourth Plague, but I guess they don’t love me as much as they do Obama and (considering where they’ve been) that’s alright with me.

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  1. disqus_cqXGkc6t5g

    I feel bad for the fly… its feet will be really filthy now!

  2. urbanvrwcmom

    Greetings Bob; longtime reader, first time commenter. I’ve often said that Ovomit was the Lord of the Flies, but this takes the cake!!

  3. Dr. Mauser

    I would think a Birther would take this as proof, considering how tolerant Impoverished Africans are of flies crawling all over them.

  4. The Machine

    The common housefly is found wherever filth and bad hygiene abound…

  5. Tallyman

    Trailer park flies, who aren’t allowed on garbage trucks.

  6. MrSaturn

    You’d think the flies would have better taste than that.

  7. Ella Halligan

    When I was a little girl it was my job to clean up after the Great Danes… flies always did love buzzing around a pile of dog crap…


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