Official Affirmative Action At Super Bowl XLVII?

Jerome BogerIt’s obviously not good enough that two brothers will be coaching the big game.

The two best teams are playing in the Super Bowl because they performed at the highest level to make it there, and the same should go for the referees that officiate the game….

Several NFL officials remain deeply upset about the grading system used to choose the referee for the Super Bowl. This leads to Jerome Boger, the NFL’s presumed selection to referee Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3. On Monday, the website reported that Boger received eight downgrades during the 2012 season and all eight were reversed.

Because liberals have (as of 2008) discovered black people, if there’s a bad call or two during the big game, what difference does it make as long as they feel good about themselves!

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  1. koala

    I know why liberals won’t choose qualified blacks but I cannot explain it. The best i can say is that in the mind of a liberal, qualified black is an oxymoron.


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