The B&R Friday Skim

Sen. Bob Menendez
Emails show FBI investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for sleeping with underage Dominican prostitutes
Men who have it all yet still have to pay to get laid

US only ‘advises’ against traveling to Benghazi while other countries say get out ‘immediately’ from Libyan city as ‘imminent and specific’ terror threat emerges
Algeria Gas Compound Lacked Armed Guards
I wonder if that made a difference when al Qaeda was choosing targets?
Memo to D.C.: Take Kerry, he’s all yours
It was unfortunately the only way to get him outta the state
Turning America´s water into Big Green´s elite empire
Ask not what your country should not take from you…
Schools must provide sports for disabled, US says
And who will pay for this? (stupid question)
Brawl At Social Services Office Caught On Video
Sistaz outta control in a line that they really shouldn’t be in at all
Medicare improperly paid $120M to ineligibles
More of our money thrown away with not as much as a “sorry”
Bindi Irwin clash with Clinton over essay snub
Bondi, you’re way too young to pull a “Do you know who I am?”. When you submit a work to anyone, there’s no obligation for them to use that work in it’s entirety if at all (no matter who YOU are)
Hillary Lets the Jihadist Cat Out of the Bag
One thing this arrogant administration is very good at is telling us what we already know, like it’s some new revelation they discovered
White House working around Capitol Hill as it pushes far- reaching gun measures
“Working around” is becoming the new normal, but watch the Dems scream like girls when the next Republican president cites Obama precedent and works around them
Army Removes Crosses, Steeple from Chapel
If a cross (while in uniform) makes you feel like a “second-class citizen”, then you are one weak wimp who shouldn’t be in the military
Mother deemed insane when she drowned her daughter, 3, in 2010 is free because doctors say she´s regained her sanity
Let a man try this…
Construction on Tom Brady’s $20M ‘super mansion’ complete… it has a moat
Must be nice to be in the 1% and be accepted by the left (and almost everyone in New England)

2 Responses

  1. Igor

    Ethics to a Democrat is like garlic to a vampire…………..

    Schools must provide sports for disabled, US says
    And who will pay for this? (stupid question)

    Fine, start a Chess club and sign ’em up. Good grief!

  2. Tallyman

    Those Dominican girls are cheaper than the free trash available in Washington.
    The showdown was at the OK Social Services trough.
    Barack the Magnificent wants your guns to protect the children.
    Kerry anointed himself before the Senate.


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