Gender Equality: Should Women Have To Sign Up For The Draft?

It could be considered a rite of passage, but for every American male that turns eighteen, going to the Post Office and registering for Selective Service is also the law. If the public debate is now going to include allowing women to fight in combat units, shouldn’t they also have to sign up for the draft as well? You know, in the name of equality?

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  1. VeryOldSoldier

    FIRST: Obama violated the Constitution – again – with this move. Read Article I, Section 8.

    SECOND: What a nation of puke-maggot pussies we’ve become when we can’t find enough worthy young MEN – in a country of 310 million + 11 million illegals….

  2. palolojo

    People are saying they didn’t ask for this, but my opinion is we have, by being silent for too long and letting the liberal hags dictate the feminists conversation and conservatives letting the media and liberals control the national discussion. If I were better spoken (I get to emotional and start ranting) I would gladly speak out in a public forum but I do at a minimum contact my elected officials on different subjects. So for all you conservatives out there who are great at public speaking or writing start speaking out.

  3. koala

    Perhaps women can serve in some capacity but I would hate to see the military lower it’s standards. It seems to me there are females that would make the most vicious warriors. Woe to the man that meets the unbridled fury of that particular order of women. That small clan of ferocious females can go into combat if that is their choice but i am not comfortable with it. If I had been blessed with daughters it would have been my hope that they be patrons of hearth and home, nurturers, lovers and companions that compliment the men they have chosen. The next best thing would be such women will marry my sons.

  4. Ella Halligan

    I voted no…. Only because I don’t want my daughters punished because today’s feminists are idiots. I didn’t ask for this, my daughters didn’t ask for this and I have grown up watching these idiot women everything good in this world. Can we have an exemption for being actual ladies?

    • Igor

      Same here. They want equality, they’ll GET equality.
      Shut up an suffer, ya stoopid NAGs.

  5. Tallyman

    There is no free equality. Equality has a cost which is reflected in its price.. There is no equality between men and women because they have evolved differently. Men have nipples, but can’t give milk. Men have more strength and power. Feminism and Democrats pander to female delusional fantasies. Women want equality, until it is properly priced (i.e. sign up for draft) They know within their evolved nature that cost of equality cannot be born. .

  6. The Machine

    Hmm. I’d bet there would be OUTRAGE about that if I were a betting man…

  7. palolojo

    I would like to know who voted no and why. If women want equality and are now allowed in combat they should not be exempt. The problem is women want the glory, pay, & etc. but don’t want the dirty and hard work.

    • The Machine

      Don’t sweat it, these polls always attract some trolls, dontcha know.

      • Ella Halligan

        And of course, these polls also attract some actual ladies who didn’t ask for any of this garbage in the first place and don’t want to be punished for other women’s idiocy.

      • Igor

        I didn’t vote for the spendthrift, callow, greedy and selfish politicians I’ve got either. I (and the rest of us) are gonna get “punished” for the Great Unwashed Masses’ sins. We’re *all* in this sinking ship of state. Keep bailing!

    • brotio

      I didn’t vote because “neither should have to register” isn’t on the list.

      I would vote “no” on the women question because it is a minority of
      feminists who want women in combat. Why should innocent women be
      punished because that too-old-to-serve-anyway douche bag, DiFi, wants
      young women to die in combat.


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