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My favorite part of this 2005 debate was Christopher Hitchens getting anchor Colleen McEdwards to admit CNN’s pixelization of the Prophet Muhammad’s on-air image was done partially out of fear of “retaliation and intimidation”.

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  1. dismalscience69

    My wife and I attended a Chris Hitchens talk at a nearby university during the dark days of the Iraq War. After the talk he went outside for a smoke and my wife and I were able to spend about 15-20 minutes talking with him. It was almost surreal being in his presence. He was pretty nice guy and was surprisingly easy to converse with. The time was spoiled by a local UAW jerk who came to heckle and hassle. Hitch was in his pro-Bush phase and the UAW guy was almost like a stalker. He was relentless bearing donw og Mr. Hitchens, who rather reished teh confrontation.

  2. MaddieMoss

    God, I miss Hitch! Didn’t always agree with him, but dammit, no one hammered a point home better!

  3. jb

    The first genocide of the 20th century? Muslims in Turkey obliterating Armenians. I wonder how many people know that Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Bulgaria, and a lot of Yugoslavia that are now Muz were once Christian —- and the Muz slaughtered them. Throw in the Copts of the past and today, too. Same deal. Muz cut off their heads.

  4. MrSaturn

    Whatever you thought of Christopher Hitchens politics or general views on religion he wasn’t scared to criticize those who come to the west and attempt to destroy our society.

    • MaddieMoss

      I love Achmed the Dead Terrorist on the left trying to tell the world Muslims believe in “comity” between faiths. Maybe HE should read a Koran–kill the infidel, behead, conquer, take non-Muslim women as slaves and concubines. Yeah, comity.

  5. koala

    Europe’s genocide of muslims!? Really!? So it is alright for them to traverse the landscpe raping and murdering but when the Europeans retaliate it is genocide. Funny how that works.


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