Hurricane Sandy Benefits: Where Did All The Donations Go?

UPDATE: Displaced Sandy Victims Say City Housing Is An Unlivable, Rodent Infested Alternative
Flashback: Stars turn out for Hurricane Sandy benefit gig, 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief benefit concert raises at least $30 million
Robin Hood Announces $9.59 million in latest round of Hurricane Sandy Relief Grants; includes $5.275 million for housing support
‘Factor’ investigation: Where did the money go for Hurricane Sandy victims?
Looks like it went to non-profits who pay themselves first while deciding which victims get what’s left

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  1. Tallyman

    A non-profit is a fine cover for a scoundrel. How can his motives and acts be questioned when he has dedicated himself to good works? Who rises to the top at such NGO’s: only the most ruthless sociopath. They peddle a feel-good indulgence. They, like a Marxist leader, are the middleman between the providers and the needy and handsomely reward themselves for their skill at extraction and correct distribution. i.e. Barack and Moochelle reward themselves for taking from us and giving to the needy.

  2. Igor

    Same story, over and over again.
    Where did the Sandy donations get to?
    Where did the Haiti donations get to?
    Where did the New Orleans donations get to?

    High on my list of NGO’s and organizations NOT to contribute to, since over 50 percent of the money goes to “administrative” costs:
    March of Dimes
    Red Cross
    United Way
    Susan G Kommen for the Cure
    ANY “relief” agency, concert, etc.
    Those “rescue” organizations you see on TV

    I most assuredly support:
    Catholic Charities
    Salvation Army
    Mormon Church General Relief Fund
    LOCAL charities
    LOCAL animal shelters

    You get the idea. Do some homework, you would be aghast at how the bloodsuckers infest the charitable scene. Sad, really.


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