The B&R Tuesday Skim

Anna Wintour’s boyfriend ‘owes US government $1.2 million in taxes’
‘Nuclear Wintour’ not coming to Britain
There are enough unqualified embarrassments in this administration as it is. At least they caught this one in advance….

Ravens’ QB Flacco: NJ Bowl ‘retarded’
It’s okay, the chances of him playing in it are statistically not good
Unfit for Combat
Flashback: Why Do Liberals Hate the U.S. Military?
Cutting the military: the liberal wet dream coming true
Obama says he goes skeet shooting ‘all the time’
Doubting congresswoman challenges Obama to skeet shooting match
Carney hasn’t seen photo of Obama shooting skeet
Hope he doesn’t shoot like he throws a baseball. Some of us won’t take his word for it anymore (and who can blame us?)
Taco Bell pulls ad that mocked veggies
Wimping out
Cost of giving illegal immigrants path to citizenship could outweigh fiscal benefits
Obama to announce his immigration reform plan, said to be more liberal than Senate effort
Does Obama want a deal on immigration?
Four years of calling Republicans heartless bigots would really put a thrill up his leg
Rush Limbaugh Obama’s New George W. Bush
Possibly a serious misstep. A talk show host being singled out by the president: You think Rush ain’t lovin’ this…!

The New York Napoleon hides his hypocrisy behind a Jason-Taylor-lookin’ goon

Clinton’s Angry Outburst On Benghazi Was Meant To Deceive—Not Enlighten
She did mood swing a tad
Former SEIU union local president convicted of embezzlement
Surprise, surprise, surprise!
As(s)inine? Bloomberg took time out to appreciate the … assets of a female guest at recent holiday function: ‘Look at the a– on her’
I can appreciate a nice ass like the next guy, but I also know about a time and a place…?
TIME’s Jeffrey Kluger: Doubting Global Warming is Like Believing the Earth is Flat
There apparently IS an originality problem at TIME
Treasury approved big pay raises at bailed- out AIG, Ally and GM, report says
Above I originally wrote “fuck ups” and changed it to “embarrassments” with regards to the administration. I take it back
Chicago reaches 40 homicides in January
Yet Rhode Island made Rahm act…
Guess What? Obama’s Having a Hard Time Finding Anyone to Serve on That So-Called ‘Death Panel’
“So Jim, what do you do for a living?”

2 Responses

  1. Tallyman

    The Liar in Chief chickens out from a woman’s challenge in skeet.

    Believing in Barack is the same as believing in Warming or the Tooth Fairy.

    Cankles was full of sound and fury signifying lying.

    Barack the Mighty fears the fuzzy Rush.

    Do Bloomberg’s guards intervene when a women laughs at him in bed?

    Timmy at Treasury paid his future employers well.

  2. Palmetto

    Taco Bell pulls ad that mocked veggies
    Wimping out —

    “Vegetables do NOT go well with beer” was my husband’s first reaction when I read him the article.

    Obama says he goes skeet shooting ‘all the time’ —

    Must this man lie about EVERYTHING. You know in your heart he only shoots hoops.


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