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A question many of us who had to, in some way, go through the process numerous times are still asking

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  1. GoodMojo1

    “Demagnetize America” (
    –Dry up jobs and social services for illegals, mandatory e-verify
    Secure the border by building a “barrier”, not a simple wall
    –A complex of walls and a fence with patrol lanes between them
    Add components of the “virtual fence” to augment the barrier
    –Drones, robots, motion sensors, vibration sensors, thermal sensors
    Secure the ports using the The US Coast Guard, the US Navy, and technology
    –“Oil rig sized floating security posts manned by the Coast Guard
    Deport all non-citizen criminals, beginning with the most violent
    –After borderand port security has been maximized, so they can’t easily sneak back in
    A work visa program where workers receive their credentials and pay in home countries
    –Achieve some tight control of who comes,why, when, and how many.

    Only after *after* these measures have been in place 36 consecutive months, do we entertain citizenship for someone not already in the pipeline for naturalization. Beginning with those who have the most education and marketable technical skills.

  2. Palmetto

    And I’ll bet there are a million more waiting right now.

  3. Trish Rossiter McNamara

    Bingo. As much as I don’t see another way than some form of amnesty, they’d better be required to follow just as many and more “hoops” as the multi millions of legal immigrants who have gone before them.


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